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Jan 20

SKIPPY Peanut Butter’s @TheFunNut Takes It To Eleven

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By Colleen Stauffer In September 2014, the SKIPPY peanut butter brand returned to TV for the first time in five years and with a brand new tagline – Skippy Yippee! Drawing on the insight that SKIPPY fans think peanut butter is fun and like to share what’s fun to them, Zócalo Group  tapped into this  continue reading

Jan 05

How A 1996 Nissan Maxima Craigslist Ad Turned into A Year’s Worth of Social Conversation

How A 1996 Nissan Maxima Craigslist Ad Turned into A Year’s Worth of Social Conversation

In late 2013, filmmaker Luke Aker created one of the most brilliant and hilarious ads in Craigslist history as a way to sell his beloved yet beat up 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE. The tongue-and-cheek ad marketing the vehicle as a luxurious land-ship-yacht was so good, our clients at Nissan wanted to do something about it.  continue reading

Dec 12

Why Facebook and Twitter Search Updates Matter


By Felicia Chen   What are the search updates? Facebook heard our feedback and recently updated Facebook Search. Now we can do quick searches, but only on things we’ve seen before. You can only search for your posts, your friends’ posts and, depending on privacy settings, others’ old posts. Keywords are very important and the search  continue reading

Sep 02

ICYMI: Twitter to users, big and small: Dashboards for EVERYONE!


By Joe Colacurcio Ah, information transparency. It’s the great leveler that allows social media analysts to understand what social audiences want, and what makes great content great. After all, it’s great content that helps us bulls-eye the sometimes opposing objectives of generating upper-funnel awareness and mid-funnel engagement. And it’s great content that moves us beyond  continue reading

Aug 14

5 Ways to Knock Social Media Community Management Out of the Park


By Brittni Ainsworth Whenever I try to explain my job to my parents’ friends I get blank stares and questions like “So you Facebook and tweet all day?” My answer is always, “Well not exactly.” Social media community managers will know this pain and can identify. As I sit here and type this, I have  continue reading

Jul 14

Twitter builds a home for the Beautiful Game


by Christina E. Rodríguez I can’t even tell you how excited I was before the World Cup started. The once-every-four-year event is an exciting one for me, where countries unite, passion seeps from pores and ecstatic soccer fans quite literally bleed their country’s colors. Wave that flag! Since 1930, the world-renowned tournament has captured the  continue reading

Jun 30

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

By Melanie Caldera Many of us enjoy sharing content on social networks, and of course there are people who share more than others. New stats give us some insight on who’s sharing on social networks and how they’re doing it. According to the latest Consumer Sharing Trends Report, Twitter is one among the many social channels that has the highest growth  continue reading

Apr 22

Twitter Talks to Us About the Power of Paid and the New Redesign


  As part of Zocalo Group’s Leadership Series, I recently talked with Twitter’s James Kiernan about how brands can use the social channel for marketing, Twitter’s paid offerings, and the recent platform redesign. Take a look at this short video:     -Alexandra Baird is an Account Executive at Zócalo Group. Follow her on Twitter at  continue reading

Apr 21

Twitter’s mobile app install ads are the least exciting part of its announcement


By Jeff Woelker   Last week Twitter announced that, much like Facebook previously, it now has Twitter app install ads (seen below) where anyone with a mobile app, or who wants to promote a mobile app, can now use an extremely efficient vehicle to do that, namely app install ads. On Facebook, you’ve most likely seen  continue reading

Apr 04

The Evolution of the Selfie


By Emily Hannigan   Everyone is still doing it. You just flip the view on your smartphone, reach your arm out as far as you can, smile like you aren’t trying too hard and hit click. Then, and only if you look good, immediately upload it to Instagram and add #selfie. Although, the term “selfie”  continue reading