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Aug 19

Three Things that Should Remain 140 Characters or Less

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By Pat McCarthy Twitter recently decided direct messages could be quite a bit longer than 140 characters. 10,000 characters to be exact. For perspective, that’s about six and a half pages of double-spaced Times New Roman. Six. And a half. Pages. That’s college-essay territory.   Twitter explained on their blog that the change made “the  continue reading

Aug 03

The Use of Social Influencers in Marketing


By Christina E. Rodríguez Social influencers are typically incorporated into marketing strategies to enhance activations set in place for a particular time period.  To build relationships with influencers, for involvement in future activations, we’ve found it helpful here at Zócalo to follow them and engage on an ongoing basis. From commenting on a post to  continue reading

Jul 20

Four Easy Rules When Launching a Paid Twitter Campaign

Best Practice

By Ryan Choyeski Whether your budget is big or small, knowing how to properly execute a paid media Twitter campaign that drives both awareness and conversions is never an easy task. Especially during peak time periods and seasons when a high number of your competitors are bidding for the same target audience’s attention. Before jumping  continue reading

May 18

Which NHL Team Takes the Social Cup?


By Ryan Choyeski In less than one month, one team will rise to the top as the NHL Stanley Cup Champions. So, while only one team can win the cup, which of the four remaining teams in the NHL playoffs is the winner of the social cup?   First, the teams:  In the Western Conference Finals,  continue reading

Apr 23

The Perks of Being a Twitter Veteran

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By Christina Elizabeth Rodríguez I joined Twitter back in 2009. I thought I was late to the party but after seeing how many people had yet to jump on the bandwagon, I didn’t feel so bad. I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but I’m kind of a Twitter veteran. Don’t worry; I  continue reading

Apr 17

Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut: Tips For Social Media Community Management


By Hayley Gregory Community managers are those of us in the industry who manages social media brand channels, including Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Pinterest pages and more.  Management typically consists of posting content, responding to comments and managing everything in between. As this role requires a multi-faceted level of responsibility, it is easy to get  continue reading

Mar 17

What You Need to Know about Meerkat, the Most Buzzed-about App of SXSW

Meerkat banner

By Hayley Gregory 2015 SXSW’s breakout star was the newly released app Meerkat. This app was talked about, written about and downloaded rapidly throughout the week. Though being the stand-out at SXSW is a role Mashable deemed a, “dubious distinction, at best,” it’s clear that the buzz has brought Meerkat to the tech forefront. Here’s what  continue reading

Mar 13

How Brands are Addressing Customer Service on Twitter

Customer Service Banner

By Brittni Ainsworth Picture this, you’re sitting at a restaurant with friends and your waitress is nowhere to be found.  You’ve been waiting 30 minutes for a drink and you’re ready to place your food order. Next thing you know, you pull out your phone to complain on Twitter about the service and tag the restaurant as  continue reading

Mar 06

Comedian Syncs Hashtags Throughout Netflix Standup Special


By Ryan Choyeski Hashtags. Love them or hate them, they are a fabric of our online existence. By now, we all know and understand what a hashtag is and the purpose it serves. If not, you own neither a computer or smartphone. Which also begs the question, “how are you reading this blog post right  continue reading

Mar 04

The Social Channel Roundup: Updates You Should Know About


By Madelyn Dow Each quarter, I compile a review of some of the major updates across social channels. I primarily do this because I’ve told my clients I would. BUT, it’s one of those exercises that yields really valuable information for anyone who touches social media (and who doesn’t these days, right?). So now I’m imparting  continue reading