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Apr 17

Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut: Tips For Social Media Community Management


By Hayley Gregory Community managers are those of us in the industry who manages social media brand channels, including Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Pinterest pages and more.  Management typically consists of posting content, responding to comments and managing everything in between. As this role requires a multi-faceted level of responsibility, it is easy to get  continue reading

Mar 17

What You Need to Know about Meerkat, the Most Buzzed-about App of SXSW

Meerkat banner

By Hayley Gregory 2015 SXSW’s breakout star was the newly released app Meerkat. This app was talked about, written about and downloaded rapidly throughout the week. Though being the stand-out at SXSW is a role Mashable deemed a, “dubious distinction, at best,” it’s clear that the buzz has brought Meerkat to the tech forefront. Here’s what  continue reading

Mar 13

How Brands are Addressing Customer Service on Twitter

Customer Service Banner

By Brittni Ainsworth Picture this, you’re sitting at a restaurant with friends and your waitress is nowhere to be found.  You’ve been waiting 30 minutes for a drink and you’re ready to place your food order. Next thing you know, you pull out your phone to complain on Twitter about the service and tag the restaurant as  continue reading

Mar 06

Comedian Syncs Hashtags Throughout Netflix Standup Special


By Ryan Choyeski Hashtags. Love them or hate them, they are a fabric of our online existence. By now, we all know and understand what a hashtag is and the purpose it serves. If not, you own neither a computer or smartphone. Which also begs the question, “how are you reading this blog post right  continue reading

Mar 04

The Social Channel Roundup: Updates You Should Know About


By Madelyn Dow Each quarter, I compile a review of some of the major updates across social channels. I primarily do this because I’ve told my clients I would. BUT, it’s one of those exercises that yields really valuable information for anyone who touches social media (and who doesn’t these days, right?). So now I’m imparting  continue reading

Feb 24

Six Ways to Begin Building Your Personal Brand

Six Ways to Begin Building Your Personal Brand

By Christina Elizabeth Rodriguez I’m a strong advocate of building a personal brand and I tell people that all the time. It’s not that everyone I talk to is an entrepreneur or that they all own their own businesses. It’s just that I see the potential and super-human knowledge that plenty people carry, but never show  continue reading

Feb 06

The Grammy Awards Amp Up Social Presence to 11


By Ryan Choyeski There are only a handful of big award shows per year, primarily in music and film, that have 364 days to plan, amplify and prepare for the live and unexpected events that are certainly waiting to become the next most retweeted photo in history or the most popular meme of 2015. The  continue reading

Feb 06

Even Punxsutawney Phil Uses Twitter #6MoreWeeksofWinter


By Ryan Choyeski In case you missed it, this past Monday was Groundhog Day. In case you missed it, this past Monday was Groundhog Day. In case you missed it, this past Monday was Groundhog Day. And thanks to the help of Phil’s Inner Circle, they announced to the crowd on Gobblers Knob that there  continue reading

Jan 20

SKIPPY Peanut Butter’s @TheFunNut Takes It To Eleven

Banner v3

By Colleen Stauffer In September 2014, the SKIPPY peanut butter brand returned to TV for the first time in five years and with a brand new tagline – Skippy Yippee! Drawing on the insight that SKIPPY fans think peanut butter is fun and like to share what’s fun to them, Zócalo Group  tapped into this  continue reading

Jan 05

How A 1996 Nissan Maxima Craigslist Ad Turned into A Year’s Worth of Social Conversation

How A 1996 Nissan Maxima Craigslist Ad Turned into A Year’s Worth of Social Conversation

In late 2013, filmmaker Luke Aker created one of the most brilliant and hilarious ads in Craigslist history as a way to sell his beloved yet beat up 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE. The tongue-and-cheek ad marketing the vehicle as a luxurious land-ship-yacht was so good, our clients at Nissan wanted to do something about it.  continue reading