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Apr 22

Twitter Talks to Us About the Power of Paid and the New Redesign


  As part of Zocalo Group’s Leadership Series, I recently talked with Twitter’s James Kiernan about how brands can use the social channel for marketing, Twitter’s paid offerings, and the recent platform redesign. Take a look at this short video:     -Alexandra Baird is an Account Executive at Zócalo Group. Follow her on Twitter at  continue reading

Apr 21

Twitter’s mobile app install ads are the least exciting part of its announcement


By Jeff Woelker   Last week Twitter announced that, much like Facebook previously, it now has Twitter app install ads (seen below) where anyone with a mobile app, or who wants to promote a mobile app, can now use an extremely efficient vehicle to do that, namely app install ads. On Facebook, you’ve most likely seen  continue reading

Apr 04

The Evolution of the Selfie


By Emily Hannigan   Everyone is still doing it. You just flip the view on your smartphone, reach your arm out as far as you can, smile like you aren’t trying too hard and hit click. Then, and only if you look good, immediately upload it to Instagram and add #selfie. Although, the term “selfie”  continue reading

Feb 13

‘Real Time’ Host Bill Maher Uses Social Media to Change the Future of Congress

paid social media advertising

By Ryan Choyeski   Liberal comedian and host of the popular political HBO series Real Time with Bill Maher  is taking on Congress’ “lame ducks” with his “Flip a District” campaign. Over the next several weeks, Real Time fans are being tasked with calling out the most ineffective and worst members of Congress in the country via  continue reading

Dec 18

VIDEO: Twitter Offers Tips for Marketers Using Vine


  We recently hosted a Leadership Series all about the art of multi-channel storytelling, featuring speakers from StoryCorps, Skyword, Tongal, as well as our own CEO Paul M. Rand. I had a chance to talk with Kyle Jones and Alex Kowalsky of Twitter, who offered some advice on using Twitter and Vine to tell compelling stories.  continue reading

Aug 29

Is Facebook the New Twitter?


By Melanie Faessler   Hashtags. Trending topics. Embedded Posts. Sounds like we’re talking about Twitter, right? Wrong. Within the last few months, Facebook has rolled out these three features, and it’s starting to look more and more like Twitter.   #Hashtags After Twitter introduced the hashtag back in 2006, users started incorporating it into their  continue reading

Jun 19

Vine is Earning its Keep

Vine is Earning its Keep

Note: This post originally appeared on AllTwitter.    By Eric Sevick When Vine was first announced in late January, the initial reaction was lukewarm and filled with uncertainty about what it would mean for marketers and brands as they attempted to weave to the videos into their social marketing mix. But time has shown the tool  continue reading

Jun 17

Take Advantage of Twitter’s Upgraded Lists

facebook brand marketing

By Melanie Faessler Twitter recently announced it has upgraded its lists. Before the announcement, users could only make 20 lists with up to 500 accounts on each. Now, users can have up to 1,000 lists with 5,000 accounts on each – big difference! Lists can be used for a number of different purposes. Some may  continue reading

Jun 07

Drive Brand Purchases and Recommendations Using Twitter’s New Keyword Targeting


By Heather Rice   What exactly is Twitter keyword targeting? It’s a new feature Twitter announced in April that can help brands better target their Promoted Tweets. It allows brands to target users in real-time based on words they include in the copy of their tweet, and promote tweets in their timelines. This goes beyond  continue reading

May 01

Twitter and Customer Service: Maximizing Responsiveness in 140 Characters


Note: This post originally appeared on Social Media Today.   By Jessica Reed Social media channels establishing two-way communication between brands and consumers have heralded a new set of expectations on resolving issues. Recent statistics show the trend: 71% of of 16-24 year olds go online when they have a problem with a product (2012  continue reading