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Aug 18

How I Learned to Love Snapchat: One Millennial’s Take

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By Brett Crawford   Snapchat is now the third most-used social app amongst millennials, according to a recent study. Now, for those of you who didn’t read that article or have no idea what a Snapchat is, let me allow myself to give you a quick run-down of what may very well be the best  continue reading

Aug 14

5 Ways to Knock Social Media Community Management Out of the Park


By Brittni Ainsworth Whenever I try to explain my job to my parents’ friends I get blank stares and questions like “So you Facebook and tweet all day?” My answer is always, “Well not exactly.” Social media community managers will know this pain and can identify. As I sit here and type this, I have  continue reading

Aug 11

Coffee-mate Shows Why Vanilla is Anything But Boring


By Marissa Yennie   If you say “vanilla” when you mean boring, we need to talk. Zocalo Group client Coffee-mate doesn’t believe there is anything “plain” about adding vanilla to your coffee. Of all the flavors that Coffee-mate offers, the most popular by far is French Vanilla. That’s why last month Coffee-mate used their flavor  continue reading

Jul 24

Last Call for Social Media Week Chicago Event Submissions!

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By Erin Burg   For all you social/tech/marketing gurus hoping to contribute to Social Media Week Chicago 2014 – be sure to get your event submissions in by tomorrow, Friday, July 25. Having a presence at SMW means great exposure for your business and the chance to connect with other industry experts. So bring your best  continue reading

Jun 30

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

By Melanie Caldera Many of us enjoy sharing content on social networks, and of course there are people who share more than others. New stats give us some insight on who’s sharing on social networks and how they’re doing it. According to the latest Consumer Sharing Trends Report, Twitter is one among the many social channels that has the highest growth  continue reading

Jun 25

Right Place, Right Time: Earshot Uses Location Data for Real-Time Social Engagement


By Stephanie Dewhurst   As part of Zocalo Group’s Leadership Series, I recently talked with Earshot’s David Rush. Earshot uses user-provided location information to help brands engage with consumers at the right place and right time. Check out this short video interview to learn more about Earshot and the social media trends they see on the  continue reading

Jun 20

[WATCH] Social Cosmos: Exploring Emerging Channels and Platforms

[WATCH] Social Cosmos: Exploring Emerging Channels and Platforms

  Check out this (tongue-in-cheek) video from the Zokes, and stay tuned as we explore a series of emerging social channels and platforms!       Zócalo Group is  a social, digital and word of mouth marketing agency focused on making our clients the most recommended brands in their categories.   

Jun 18

Is Shorter Sweeter?


By Allison Branen   What Can You Say In Six Words? It’s definitely harder than it sounds. (Oh wait, I just did it!) The challenge of crafting a six-word sentence is an interesting one. Even now that we’re all accustomed to communicating with abbrevs, texts, Facebook posts and tweets, attempting to write a meaningful statement  continue reading

May 28

Pinterest Launches Business Insights API as Ads Roll Out with Kraft, Gap and Others


By Andre Santamaria   After years of standing by the advertising sidelines to the likes of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Pinterest is finally making a push to make some money. And in an attempt to become more measureable to brands thinking of buying ad space on its platform, it unveiled it’s opening up a  continue reading

May 23

Online Dating: Watch-outs for the “New Normal” Way to Meet People


This post originally appeared on the Social Media Week Chicago blog. By Ryan Choyeski, Tinder, eHarmony… the online dating options are vast. Since I work remotely from home, getting out and meeting new people, especially those of the opposite sex, can be somewhat a conundrum. After two years of living in a suburb full of young  continue reading