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Jun 04

Pinterest Rolls Out Video Ads


By Hayley Gregory Pinterest recently announced new capabilities, allowing brands to post video ads on the platform. Pinterest calls these video pins ‘Cinematic Pins,’ and many large companies have already begun to utilize the medium. With yet another update, here’s what you need to know about Cinematic Pins: These are pins exactly like those seen […]

Apr 17

Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut: Tips For Social Media Community Management


By Hayley Gregory Community managers are those of us in the industry who manages social media brand channels, including Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Pinterest pages and more.  Management typically consists of posting content, responding to comments and managing everything in between. As this role requires a multi-faceted level of responsibility, it is easy to get […]

Mar 04

The Social Channel Roundup: Updates You Should Know About


By Madelyn Dow Each quarter, I compile a review of some of the major updates across social channels. I primarily do this because I’ve told my clients I would. BUT, it’s one of those exercises that yields really valuable information for anyone who touches social media (and who doesn’t these days, right?). So now I’m imparting […]

Jun 30

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

By Melanie Caldera Many of us enjoy sharing content on social networks, and of course there are people who share more than others. New stats give us some insight on who’s sharing on social networks and how they’re doing it. According to the latest Consumer Sharing Trends Report, Twitter is one among the many social channels that has the highest growth […]

Jun 12

Pinterest’s Do-it-Yourself Promoted Pins and Updated Analytics: Will This Help Me?

pinterest analytics banner

By Jennifer Kang   Pinterest recently made an announcement that had social media marketers jumping with joy – it was going to allow third-party measurement developers access to its API, meaning stronger data and actionable insights for brands. After throwing that wonderful nugget of news out to us, Pinterest again decided to throw us an even bigger bone […]

May 28

Pinterest Launches Business Insights API as Ads Roll Out with Kraft, Gap and Others


By Andre Santamaria   After years of standing by the advertising sidelines to the likes of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Pinterest is finally making a push to make some money. And in an attempt to become more measureable to brands thinking of buying ad space on its platform, it unveiled it’s opening up a […]

Apr 01

Pinterest Ads: How much, what to do, and where are they going next?


By Jeff Woelker Ever since the debut of its first advertising test, brand marketers have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on Pinterest advertising. And who can blame them? Pinterest has been driving significant traffic for numerous e-commerce brands, even without any advertising, so many brand marketers can only imagine what will happen […]

Jan 22

My Top 8 Auto-Generated Google+ GIFs


By Agatha Kubalski   GIFs are currently experiencing their biggest moment in the spotlight since the great pronunciation debate of ’13. Brands like Subway and Dell (a Zocalo Group client) have recently built social activations around the file format, and Pinterest just announced it will begin to let users play GIFs on the platform. Several […]

Jul 09

WHITE PAPER: Current Paid Opportunities & Platform Predictions for Brands on Pinterest


A staggering 70% of social media interactions involve a picture, so it’s no wonder that the visual network Pinterest is now used by 15% of online adults. At three years old, Pinterest is no longer an emerging platform but a real player among the social media networks. We’ve previously cautioned against brands jumping into Pinterest […]

Apr 12

Pimp Your Cubicle: The Case for Decking Out Your Workspace


By Victoria Szubinski   I’m an executive assistant (and a realist).  I love my job, but I realized a long time ago that the career path I’ve chosen doesn’t end with my name on the wall outside a room with a door that closes.  I don’t hope that someday I’ll score a sweet office with a […]