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Mar 28

Cultural Speak: Considerations when Talking “Hispanic/Latino”


by Christina Elizabeth Rodriguez   The Latino market has been exponentially growing the past 20 years. Since the last census in 2010, we saw a few key factors when it came to Latinos that have impacted the way advertisers and marketers are looking at such a demographic. For instance, we found out that there are  continue reading

Feb 28

CASE STUDY: How VMware Turned Likes and Follows into Leads and Revenue

vmware banner

By Mike Pilarz While most B2B brands have well-established demand generation programs running via email, search and other marketing channels, they’re often challenged by how to push their social channels to do more than just engage an audience, and actually generate leads and revenue. A recent program we developed for VMware illustrates how effective social media marketing can  continue reading

Feb 10

Making Sense of Coupon Craziness: 8 ways to get coupons into the right hands


This post originally appeared on Sociable Blog.    By Becky Olson Coupons have been a fixture in the marketer’s toolbox for centuries, helping to entice curious consumers to try a product or service. However, the way shoppers find, share and use coupons has evolved over time, forcing us to reevaluate our strategic blueprint for distribution.  continue reading

Feb 03

Being Transparent in the Social Age: Ethics & Disclosure

Being Transparent in the Social Age: Ethics & Disclosure

By Giliann Chaikin and Stacy Taylor   Transparency is vital in social media and word-of-mouth marketing. The rules are constantly evolving and it’s imperative to keep fundamental principles top of mind as we engage across various social platforms with diverse audiences on behalf of our clients. The new best practices guide from WOMMA is meant  continue reading

Jan 21

Tongal Uses Video to Tell Compelling Brand Stories


  We recently hosted a Leadership Series all about the art of multi-channel storytelling, featuring speakers from Twitter, StoryCorps, Skyword,  as well as our own CEO Paul M. Rand. I sat down with  Parrish Snyder and Jamie Newton of Tongal, who talked about how they use crowd-sourced video content to help brands tell compelling stories. They  continue reading

Jan 16

Harness the Power of the Recommendation

Harness the Power of the Recommendation

This post originally appeared on the Forefront Magazine blog.   By Paul M. Rand Recommendations and word of mouth have always been important. Research tells us that 92 percent of consumers say a word-of-mouth recommendation is their top determinant in making a purchase decision (Nielsen 2012). But in the age of social media, recommendations are  continue reading

Dec 16

Internet Unanchored – The Decentralization of Brands Online


By Stephen Strong   My parents are from the generation of Americans who still use the Yellow Pages. Not or the mobile app, but the actual physical printed Yellow Pages which is as thick as… well… a phone book. Ask them for a neighbor’s phone number or local restaurant address and out comes the  continue reading

Nov 25

From Capitol Couture to the Daily Bugle: Top 3 Fictional Branded Tumblr Blogs


By Ryan Choyeski   Tumblr is one the fastest growing global social media channels, with a 74 percent growth rate in active global users between Q2 2012 and Q2 2013 (GlobalWebIndex Study), so it’s no surprise more and more brands are trying to find fun and clever ways to market their products and services in this community  continue reading

Nov 04

A Global Perspective for Marketers from TEDxZurich


By Jessica Reed   Recently I attended TEDx Zurich, an independently organized TED event. TED is a nonprofit conference that brings people together and hosts amazing speakers on technology, design, entertainment and beyond. If you have never watched a TED speaker session, start here and prepare to be inspired. At TEDx Zurich, I learned about  continue reading

Oct 31

Research Confirms the Importance of the Recommendation


This post originally appeared on the Social Media Monthly.   By Paul M. Rand   Recommendations are being regarded as a new key measure of determining whether or not products, services and businesses are successful.  From prior research, we know that 92 percent of all consumers report that a word-of-mouth recommendation is the “leading reason  continue reading