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Jul 06

Modern Romance and the Influence of Contemporary Technology


By Hayley Gregory Comedian Aziz Ansari recently released a best-selling book called, Modern Romance, explaining the highs and lows of dating in the digital age. The book has garnered a lot of buzz as it emphasizes a conversation many of us are already having about the influence of contemporary technology and social media. As a […]

Jun 29

Branded Filters Now Available on Snapchat

snapchat brand marketing

By Margaret Aprison A coworker and I recently visited a downtown McDonald’s for a mid-day snack. While at the restaurant, we discovered that we were able to use custom brand overlays on Snapchat. Needless to say, we were super excited! There are now over 100 million daily active users on Snapchat  so naturally brands are […]

Jun 12

Game-ifying Engagement: Utilizing Social Media to Build Communities and Awareness


By Anthony R. Williams   Boom Beach. Candy Crush. Clash of Clans. None of these games cost a cent yet they bring in unimaginable amounts of money.   How can that be? It comes down to user experience, player investment and a sprinkle of addicting content. Simply, people love to fill bars and check off boxes—and […]

Jun 04

Pinterest Rolls Out Video Ads


By Hayley Gregory Pinterest recently announced new capabilities, allowing brands to post video ads on the platform. Pinterest calls these video pins ‘Cinematic Pins,’ and many large companies have already begun to utilize the medium. With yet another update, here’s what you need to know about Cinematic Pins: These are pins exactly like those seen […]

Jun 01

The Power of the Hashtag: What This Means for the Use of Social


By Christina E. Rodríguez Hashtags are everywhere. Remember the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake skit? That, we might be able to say, was the point in time that made hashtags a real-life concept born out of social media—a concept that was here to stay, regardless of the confusion they sometimes caused. I came across an […]

May 21

In 2015, Email is the New Social


By Jeff Woelker Over the last six months, something a little surprising has happened across the social landscape. Email has come back into fashion, but for some interesting and unexpected reasons. Rented Land With the changes in Facebook’s algorithm and the increasing propensity of social channels to have to monetize their platforms, marketers have quickly […]

Feb 13

Tips on Writing an Amazing Sentence


By Pat McCarthy We rely on written communication more today than ever before. From tweets to texts to emails and beyond, countless hours are spent conveying our thoughts, opinions, and ideas. This is how we connect with others in the modern age, and it’s all built on sentences. First things first, I don’t want to […]

Oct 30

13.1 Ways to Make an Offline Event Social


By Marissa Yennie   A recent Wall Street Journal article proclaimed: The Half-Marathon Achieves Its Personal Best, reporting that this 13.1 mile race continues to grow in popularity. Nearly two million people are participating in this running event annually – so how can brands engage people online for this offline event? This running distance is […]

Oct 16

Zócalo Group CEO Paul M. Rand Named Among 25 Top Innovators


By Alexandra Baird   We’re excited to share that the Holmes Report has named Zócalo Group CEO Paul M. Rand among its In2 Innovator 25, an annual list celebrating those who are shaping the future of marketing and communications. Paul is recognized as advocating for the 90/10 rule on social media – where brands should […]

Aug 19

[WATCH] Social Cosmos Vol 2: Exploring Ibotta

social cosmos banner

  We’re exploring emerging social media communities and apps in the Social Cosmos (check out the introduction here). Join Marty Finn and Kara Price as they talk about what new app Ibotta  – which invites users to complete tasks for rebates – means for marketers and brands.     Zócalo Group is a digital and word-of-mouth marketing […]