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May 21

In 2015, Email is the New Social


By Jeff Woelker Over the last six months, something a little surprising has happened across the social landscape. Email has come back into fashion, but for some interesting and unexpected reasons. Rented Land With the changes in Facebook’s algorithm and the increasing propensity of social channels to have to monetize their platforms, marketers have quickly  continue reading

Feb 13

Tips on Writing an Amazing Sentence


By Pat McCarthy We rely on written communication more today than ever before. From tweets to texts to emails and beyond, countless hours are spent conveying our thoughts, opinions, and ideas. This is how we connect with others in the modern age, and it’s all built on sentences. First things first, I don’t want to  continue reading

Oct 30

13.1 Ways to Make an Offline Event Social


By Marissa Yennie   A recent Wall Street Journal article proclaimed: The Half-Marathon Achieves Its Personal Best, reporting that this 13.1 mile race continues to grow in popularity. Nearly two million people are participating in this running event annually – so how can brands engage people online for this offline event? This running distance is  continue reading

Oct 16

Zócalo Group CEO Paul M. Rand Named Among 25 Top Innovators


By Alexandra Baird   We’re excited to share that the Holmes Report has named Zócalo Group CEO Paul M. Rand among its In2 Innovator 25, an annual list celebrating those who are shaping the future of marketing and communications. Paul is recognized as advocating for the 90/10 rule on social media – where brands should  continue reading

Aug 19

[WATCH] Social Cosmos Vol 2: Exploring Ibotta

social cosmos banner

  We’re exploring emerging social media communities and apps in the Social Cosmos (check out the introduction here). Join Marty Finn and Kara Price as they talk about what new app Ibotta  – which invites users to complete tasks for rebates – means for marketers and brands.     Zócalo Group is a digital and word-of-mouth marketing  continue reading

Jun 12

Pinterest’s Do-it-Yourself Promoted Pins and Updated Analytics: Will This Help Me?

pinterest analytics banner

By Jennifer Kang   Pinterest recently made an announcement that had social media marketers jumping with joy – it was going to allow third-party measurement developers access to its API, meaning stronger data and actionable insights for brands. After throwing that wonderful nugget of news out to us, Pinterest again decided to throw us an even bigger bone  continue reading

May 29

Facebook to Devalue Auto-Shares, Favor Explicitly Shared Stories


By Brittni Ainsworth   You know you have to read that article or watch that clip when 15 of your friends have shared it with comments like “WHOA that blew my mind” or “You have to see this.” At Facebook’s recent F8 conference, the company announced it would be changing its newsfeed algorithm. This week  continue reading

May 19

Reviews Unvarnished: How to Deal With Negative Customer Reviews

dealing with negative customer reviews

This post originally appeared on the Ketchum blog.   by Paul M. Rand   From the corner store to the largest multinational corporations, businesses are setting their eyes ever closer on how people are talking about and recommending their products and services – as they should be. Ninety-two percent of consumers say that a recommendation from  continue reading

May 14

Facebook Talks to Us About Brand Marketing, Instagram & What’s Next

facebook for business

  As part of Zocalo Group’s Leadership Series, I recently talked with Facebook’s Brian Johnson about how brands can use Facebook and Instagram as marketing channels,  the importance of mobile, paid capabilities and more. Check out this short video for our full interview:     -Stephanie Dewhurst is a Digital Media Strategist at Zócalo Group. Follow her on  continue reading

May 06

Register for this Free AMA Online Learning Session: The Social Edge


Nearly every brand recognizes the brand and business building value of digital and social media — with some major CPGs shifting up to 50% of their marketing spend online.  However, according to a recent study, less than 8% of marketers are confident in their social programs and believe they are achieving the measurable success they  continue reading