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Apr 15

Organic Reach on Facebook – What brand marketers need to know

Organic Reach on Facebook – What brand marketers need to know

  Recent reports that Facebook intends to cut organic reach of content to as low as 1 percent have caused brands, with good reason, to reconsider the role of the network in their marketing efforts. As brands and their social and paid media agency partners think through next steps, it’s a good reminder to revisit  continue reading

Apr 11

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Facebook


By Danny Weiss In 1973, Ronnie Wood sang “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger.” He didn’t know it at the time, but his words would remain relevant more than 40 years later, with social media reaching younger and younger audiences (part of the reason he didn’t know it  continue reading

Mar 03

Facebook Announces Ad Campaign Restructure

facebook for business

by Mara Schneider   Showing a long-term commitment to support their paid native advertising model, Facebook has announced a restructure that affects all ad interfaces both within its ad tools and also including PMDs and FBX.  In an effort to keep you informed on major changes in the paid social environment, see below for the  continue reading

Feb 21

Facebook Sees Potential with WhatsApp Acquisition

Facebook Sees Potential with WhatsApp Acquisition

By Melanie Faessler This week Facebook announced that it would make its biggest acquisition yet – acquiring the popular messenger app WhatsApp for $16 billion. For those of you unfamiliar with the app, WhatsApp Messenger is “a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.” This app  continue reading

Feb 05

Introducing Paper – Stories from Facebook


By Brittni Ainsworth    There’s nothing sweeter than giving yourself a birthday present.  Facebook did just that when it launched the Paper app this week, one day before its 10th birthday. You might be asking yourself “What is Facebook Paper?” or “What does this mean for Facebook’s mobile app?” I know I’m asking myself, “How does this  continue reading

Jan 31

What Does Facebook’s Sponsored Story Update Mean for Your Paid Campaign? We’ll Tell You


By Stephanie Dewhurst   Facebook has announced that it will be retiring Sponsored Stories on April 9. Paid social on Facebook is an essential element of any marketing communications plan, and at Zócalo Group, Sponsored Stories are the standard for increasing community growth.   What is a Sponsored Story? Sponsored Stories are paid ads about  continue reading

Dec 20

Just Don’t Call Us a Portal = The Convergence of Paid Media + Social Media


By Stephen Strong   Facebook recently caught many off guard with statements on how brands need to reconsider Facebook’s role in their marketing efforts. After years of championing the power of Brand Likes and Wall Engagement, Facebook specifically declared their intent to become a mass media channel. According to In the document, titled “Generating  continue reading

Sep 04

How to (Really) Measure the Value of a Facebook Fan


Note: This post originally appeared on AllFacebook.   By Ryan Rasmussen  Studies analyzing the value of Facebook fans, like this one from Syncapse, have been attracting lot of attention recently.   The primary results of that study were that Facebook brand fans are: 80 percent more likely than non-fans to be users of a brand Spend 43  continue reading

Aug 29

Is Facebook the New Twitter?


By Melanie Faessler   Hashtags. Trending topics. Embedded Posts. Sounds like we’re talking about Twitter, right? Wrong. Within the last few months, Facebook has rolled out these three features, and it’s starting to look more and more like Twitter.   #Hashtags After Twitter introduced the hashtag back in 2006, users started incorporating it into their  continue reading

Jun 19

Facebook’s New Hashtags Provide Real Opportunity for Marketers


 By Kara Price Where do you look for timely discussions about your favorite topics and events? If it’s not Facebook, now it should be. Just last week, Facebook announced that it is allowing users to create and click on searchable hashtags, much like what’s already available on similar services like Twitter and Instagram. This new  continue reading