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Dec 12

Why Facebook and Twitter Search Updates Matter


By Felicia Chen   What are the search updates? Facebook heard our feedback and recently updated Facebook Search. Now we can do quick searches, but only on things we’ve seen before. You can only search for your posts, your friends’ posts and, depending on privacy settings, others’ old posts. Keywords are very important and the search  continue reading

Oct 01

What Facebook Atlas Means for You


By Jeff Woelker   Facebook recently announced the relaunch of Atlas, its ad network purchased from Microsoft in early 2013. Along with this announcement came the exclusive partnership with Omnicom Group, which includes Zocalo Group. By purchasing Atlas from Microsoft, Facebook acquired a method for it to start targeting ads outside of Facebook and more broadly across the  continue reading

Aug 14

5 Ways to Knock Social Media Community Management Out of the Park


By Brittni Ainsworth Whenever I try to explain my job to my parents’ friends I get blank stares and questions like “So you Facebook and tweet all day?” My answer is always, “Well not exactly.” Social media community managers will know this pain and can identify. As I sit here and type this, I have  continue reading

Jun 30

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

By Melanie Caldera Many of us enjoy sharing content on social networks, and of course there are people who share more than others. New stats give us some insight on who’s sharing on social networks and how they’re doing it. According to the latest Consumer Sharing Trends Report, Twitter is one among the many social channels that has the highest growth  continue reading

Jun 10

How New Facebook Audience Insights Can Help Brand Marketers

facebook for business

By Stephanie Dewhurst   Facebook recently rolled out its Audience Insights tool to U.S users of Facebook’s Ads Manager. Audience Insights provides advertisers and brands with aggregated information on Facebook users, including: Demographics: Age, Gender, Lifestyle/Interests, Relationship status, Education level, Job title, and Household size Page Likes/Page Affinity: Top Facebook pages users like Location and  continue reading

May 29

Facebook to Devalue Auto-Shares, Favor Explicitly Shared Stories


By Brittni Ainsworth   You know you have to read that article or watch that clip when 15 of your friends have shared it with comments like “WHOA that blew my mind” or “You have to see this.” At Facebook’s recent F8 conference, the company announced it would be changing its newsfeed algorithm. This week  continue reading

May 14

Facebook Talks to Us About Brand Marketing, Instagram & What’s Next

facebook for business

  As part of Zocalo Group’s Leadership Series, I recently talked with Facebook’s Brian Johnson about how brands can use Facebook and Instagram as marketing channels,  the importance of mobile, paid capabilities and more. Check out this short video for our full interview:     -Stephanie Dewhurst is a Digital Media Strategist at Zócalo Group. Follow her on  continue reading

May 01

Expanding the Power of Facebook to Mobile Apps


By Stephanie Dewhurst   At the F8 Developer Conference yesterday, Facebook unveiled its mobile advertising network called Facebook Audience Network (FAN). This product, which is currently in beta, allows brands to extend their campaigns beyond Facebook and into third-party mobile apps. What is so great about FAN and why has it left everyone in the  continue reading

Apr 15

Organic Reach on Facebook – What brand marketers need to know

Organic Reach on Facebook – What brand marketers need to know

  Recent reports that Facebook intends to cut organic reach of content to as low as 1 percent have caused brands, with good reason, to reconsider the role of the network in their marketing efforts. As brands and their social and paid media agency partners think through next steps, it’s a good reminder to revisit  continue reading

Apr 11

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Facebook


By Danny Weiss In 1973, Ronnie Wood sang “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger.” He didn’t know it at the time, but his words would remain relevant more than 40 years later, with social media reaching younger and younger audiences (part of the reason he didn’t know it  continue reading