In a brainstorm we had last year, we pulled out the bubbly and toasted to two individuals who were on their way down the aisle in 2015. We went around the table and offered them words of wisdom and advice for their long lives with their significant others. By the way, they weren’t marrying each other. If my memory serves me correctly, we also had a cake. It made for one celebratory meeting.

As you can probably guess, the brainstorm had to do with weddings, engagements and the process of getting hitched. Our client, Philips Zoom Professional Whitening had found a key metric in their marketing research. The top reason why people whiten their teeth? You guessed it—weddings.

We work well with insights and trends. We use them when we’re developing campaigns, looking into what we can offer our clients and, most prominently, how our work will resonate best with consumers. While digging around the internet, our team found another vital piece of information: over 50 percent of women who get engaged update their Facebook status within 24 hours of saying “Yes!”

After one makes the social announcement, the Likes and “Congratulations!” come pouring in, along with the ridiculous amounts of photos, comments and Likes that will follow. From the day that each woman says “yes” all the way through her wedding day and into the first year of marriage she will upload approximately 1 million photos of herself and her groom-to-be.* You all know what I’m talking about.

As you can imagine, we were thrilled to find this piece of information. With the opportunities that Facebook gives brands on its site, we were able to begin targeting paid ads to this particular segment of soon-to-be-brides and those recently engaged. Thank you, relationship status updates! We were also able to find those who were interested in wedding services—because though you might not be getting married you might be in the wedding.


Not only did we target them with paid amplification, we also created content that would speak to this demographic of soon-to-be-married women. We followed her chronologically along her journey—from engagement photos to bachelorette parties to the wedding day—making sure that we reminded her that she had to be camera-ready for all those photo opportunities she would encounter.


As they say, we hit the nail on the head. We saw some of the highest engagements we had ever seen on the page, along with incredible amounts of comments and shares.

For example, we put up a Halloween-themed post, which asked, “Ever been to a Halloween wedding? Show us the pics!” The post received 350+ comments that included photos, along with more than 2,000 shares. This meant that our fans and consumers were willing to share our content out on their own social channels!


This exemplified that with relevant content, we were able to reach the right target at the right time with a very deliberate strategy. Our community grew nearly twelve-fold in 2014, driving more than 12,000 clicks to the Philips Zoom whitening website and averaging an engagement rate of nearly 6 percent. We can say that everyone involved was definitely pleased with the outcome. We could not have asked for a better fairy-tale ending. *Please note that this statistic was completely made up and exaggerated.   


Christina Elizabeth Rodriguez is a Senior Account Executive at Zócalo Group. Follow her on Twitter at @kiki416. Christina also blogs about her experiences with diabetes at Zócalo Group is a digital, social and word-of-mouth marketing agency focused on making our clients the most talked about, recommended and purchased brands in their categories.