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Mar 23

SXSW Highlight: The Power of Word of Mouth


Last year was my first year at SXSW and, to be honest, it was a little overwhelming. So many sessions, so many meetings, so many parties – it can stretch your focus to its limit. This year, having been my second, I was able to sit back and relax a bit and just take it […]

Nov 13

WOMMA Summit 2012: Designing Social Ads with Data


  Facebook ads are now a crucial part of advertising campaigns. Even though the small format is still being explored, Facebook has discovered that many foundational principles still hold true. The “Designing Social Ads with Data” session at WOMMA Summit, led by Sean Bruich and Adrienne Polich from Facebook, revealed lots of interesting information that […]

Nov 07

WOMMA Summit 2012: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association Selects Zócalo Group as Strategic Marketing Partner


Zócalo Group will join nearly 500 brands and marketing experts at the word of mouth marketing industry’s premiere event, the WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas.  Organized by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), the event runs Monday, Nov. 12 through Wednesday, Nov. 14 and features next and best practices in social media and word […]

Sep 24

Zócalo Group hosts Twitter chat on the power of recommendation


As we co-host Social Media Week Chicago this week, we wanted to look at how recommendations are playing a role in the word of mouth industry. We’ve partnered with Billy Dec, the CEO and Founder of Rockit Ranch Productions, and Andrew Barber, the founder of leading Chicago hip hop blog, Fake Shore Drive, to discuss the […]

May 01

Identifying & Sustaining Influencer Relationships

Identifying & Sustaining Influencer Relationships

Carrying over from yesterday – when we discussed the importance of influencers in an increasingly social world – we now want to shift gears and talk about actually identifying and sustaining relationships with those influencers. Identifying the Right Influencers We should be clear though – not everyone is a proper Influencer for your brand. That […]

Apr 30

The Importance of Managing Influencers In A Social World


More than 21 million Americans say that they use social media sites specifically to get recommendations. And just as critical, almost an equal number of Americans, roughly 20 million, say they are more likely to purchase products they see used or recommended by friends on social networking sites (data provided by Simmons). From those two […]

Mar 30

Streaming Video: What Brands Should Know

Streaming Video: What Brands Should Know

Since the dawn of online consumer-generated media (which was obviously a long time ago… like less than 10 years), video has been one of the dominant ways that consumers choose to express themselves online.  The same goes with brands – what better way to share content with your audience than a live event?  Whether it’s […]

Mar 09

Social Media Hit or Miss: SXSW Edition

Social Media Hit or Miss: SXSW Edition

Here’s our take on which brands have made an impact, for better and for worse, across the social media sphere this week. Brands are chosen based on compelling recommendations, best practices and overall reach and impact. Here’s the first weekly edition, SXSW style. Bottoms up! SXSW Party Time Simplee, startup that makes medical bills simpler, wins […]

Jul 29

Square Smarts

Square Smarts

This week, the Google+ vs. Facebook debate carries on as more information becomes available about how people are using the platforms…and don’t forget about Foursquare! Read on for the Smarts… Google Plussed 20 Million in 21 Days Google+ ComScore Report  – According to this report from ComScore, Google+ has successfully added more than 20 million […]

Jul 28

Zócalo Summer Mixtapes

Zócalo Summer Mixtapes

Summerrrrtiiiiiiiiiiiime, and the livin’s easy.  Some might argue it’s even easier with these rad summer mixes the Zócalo team made using 8tracks. With warm weather here, we thought it would be fun to create and share our favorite summer tunes with each other and our blog readers.  The mixes turned out to be great, with […]