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Mar 04

The Social Channel Roundup: Updates You Should Know About


By Madelyn Dow Each quarter, I compile a review of some of the major updates across social channels. I primarily do this because I’ve told my clients I would. BUT, it’s one of those exercises that yields really valuable information for anyone who touches social media (and who doesn’t these days, right?). So now I’m imparting  continue reading

Feb 27

Looking Through the Lens with #Chitecture


By Brittni Ainsworth I had the opportunity to attend an event at the Apple store in Chicago to hear the guys who started @Chitecture talk about Instagram and photography. Rewind to 2012 when Instagram was still finding its footing, a couple guys started to tag photos with the hashtag #Chitecture. What ensued next was the  continue reading

Feb 25

The Idea Test: How to tell the difference between an idea and a tactic

Best Practice

By Pat McCarthy Marketing has two key components: ideas and tactics. These form the one-two punch that persuades the target audience to buy a product. Together they can be very effective, but one without the other almost always fails. Unfortunately, a tactic sometimes looks like an idea and vice versa. You may do a ton  continue reading

Feb 24

Six Ways to Begin Building Your Personal Brand

Six Ways to Begin Building Your Personal Brand

By Christina Elizabeth Rodriguez I’m a strong advocate of building a personal brand and I tell people that all the time. It’s not that everyone I talk to is an entrepreneur or that they all own their own businesses. It’s just that I see the potential and super-human knowledge that plenty people carry, but never show  continue reading

Feb 23

Snapchat’s Our Stories Uncovered

snapchat brand marketing

By Brittni Ainsworth Have you noticed lately you have stories from events in your Stories section of Snapchat? I discovered this when I was given an insider’s look into the Electronic Daisy Show aka “EDC” that took place in Las Vegas 2014. I could watch stories from festival goers, DJ’s who were waiting to take the  continue reading

Feb 20

The Rings of Reach: How to expand your social reach on any social channel


By Jeff Woelker  Each day it seems a new social platform is taking off and marketers must re-address their strategy. Over the years, most marketers thought Facebook and Twitter were enough. Then they had to address Vine, then Pinterest, then Instagram, then Snapchat, then whatever else is the new hot flavor of the week. With each  continue reading

Feb 18

Jimmy Fallon Makes “The Tonight Show” Share-able


By Hayley Gregory Jimmy Fallon recently marked his one year anniversary as host of NBC’s The Tonight Show. Originally host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; the comedian made the jump to the flagship talk show, eradicating its traditional format in the process. The Tonight Show of Carson and Leno featured content tailor-made for television,  continue reading

Feb 13

Tips on Writing an Amazing Sentence


By Pat McCarthy We rely on written communication more today than ever before. From tweets to texts to emails and beyond, countless hours are spent conveying our thoughts, opinions, and ideas. This is how we connect with others in the modern age, and it’s all built on sentences. First things first, I don’t want to  continue reading

Feb 12

Aguacates de México hits the Target

Avacados from Mexico_banner 1

By Christina Elizabeth Rodriguez If you’re involved in social media marketing at all, or are attempting to target the online Hispanic market, there are a few things you might already know. However, it doesn’t hurt to give a rundown of the Hispanic trends that brands are going after right now. First, they’re going after the  continue reading

Feb 09

Mintel’s Big Conversation Makes A Big Impact: 2015 Consumer Trends

Mintel Banner

By Margaret Aprison On Thursday, February 5th, I attended Mintel’s Big Conversation about 2015 U.S. consumer trends. The conference was held in Mintel’s Chicago office, which boasted gorgeous views of the Chicago River and wonderful conversations with Mintel employees and fellow Mintel research lovers. The conference panel was made up of Mintel elite: Stacy Glasgow,  continue reading