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Nov 24

Obama Leads Shift Towards Accessibility Using Social Media


By Hayley Gregory President Obama recently launched his personal Facebook page, which adds to his participation on social media, including a previously launched Twitter account, a Reddit AMA and a Buzzfeed video to promote his healthcare initiative.  His involvement in social media sets a standard for future presidents and politicians and also indicates a future of deepening engagement […]

Oct 20

50 States of Chili: Bringing Chili Nation to Life on Social

50 States of Chili: Bringing Chili Nation to Life on Social

By Hayley Gregory HORMEL® Chili launched a campaign called Chili Nation last November, to harness the power and passion of chili-loving consumers everywhere. A key part of the campaign was to encourage chili lovers to shamelessly declare and share their passion for chili in its delicious and messy splendor. To bring this to life on […]

Sep 23

Re-thinking Your Social Media Mix


By Susan Parsons Survival of the fittest.  Not exactly the first phrase that comes to mind when you think “social media strategy,” right? Though the phrase was first used by Herbert Spencer back in 1864 to describe the great animal kingdom, it actually is quite relevant for social media marketers today. Let me explain. Social […]

Sep 14

Instagram Extends Ads to Thirty Seconds

visual web

By Hayley Gregory Instagram recently initiated its Ads API, opening the doors for brands to advertise on the platform. This launch was bound to affect further change to the app’s advertising policies, as advertisers develop a better understanding of their goals and capabilities on the channel. The latest update now allows video ads an extension […]

Sep 11

New York Fashion Week Told Through Social Media


By Brittni Ainsworth Kick up your Manolo Blahnik’s because we have the scoop on New York Fashion Week’s social story. What once started out as a private, exclusive event only open to those who worked with or wore the collections – buyers, fashion editors or top clients – now fashionistas everywhere can feel like they too […]

Sep 04

Facebook Introduces Live Streaming with Facebook Mentions


By Ryan Choyeski Live streaming has become a high priority for social networks with Twitter applications such as Meerkat and Twitter’s own Periscope made available to the public earlier this year. Now the granddaddy of social media has introduced its own live streaming feature known as Live for Facebook Mentions. The catch, it’s only available to […]

Aug 27

Defense Against Myth Propagation in Today’s Digital World


By Susan Parsons Literary legend Jonathan Swift wrote “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it” way back in 1710. It was 162 years before the first modern analog computer would be invented, twenty-five decades before the invention of the internet and 95,995 days prior to when the very first mobile phone call was […]

Aug 24

Eight Second Attention Spans Lead to Social Short Videos


By Brittni Ainsworth In today’s social world, it becomes extremely difficult to capture your audience’s attention with the most engaging content. In addition, marketers have to figure out how best to serve content whether that’s photos, videos, gifs or text. Facebook tells us that photos and videos are the top engaging content, but how much time […]

Aug 19

Three Things that Should Remain 140 Characters or Less

keyboard coffee

By Pat McCarthy Twitter recently decided direct messages could be quite a bit longer than 140 characters. 10,000 characters to be exact. For perspective, that’s about six and a half pages of double-spaced Times New Roman. Six. And a half. Pages. That’s college-essay territory.   Twitter explained on their blog that the change made “the […]

Aug 12

Charity Marketing—Everyone Wins


By Anthony R. Williams I’ve had the chance to work on big brands and small. Work on fast food and dog food. Internet, phone and videogames. But of all the projects, the ones that were the most exciting, earned the most awards and put good energy out into the world was work for a charity.   Some […]