Dec 19

Zócalo Group Recommends Andrea’s Kentucky Bourbon “Da Bomb” Balls

Zócalo Group Recommends Andrea’s Kentucky Bourbon “Da Bomb” Balls

By Andrea Wood As a Kentucky girl, nothing says love and holidays better than bourbon. I remember my Mom’s bourbon balls as a child (!), and now they’re one of my favorite things to make and share with good friends at Christmas. Recipe: Find the best bourbon you can afford. There’s some amazing and expensive  continue reading

Dec 18

Zócalo Group Recommends Sarah S.’s Hot Apple Pie Spiked Cider


By Sarah Sommerfeldt This spiked cider is a hit every year at my Ugly Sweater Party—it keeps everyone warm while they rock around the tree. Sometimes I leave the alcohol on the side, so people can do it virgin or spiked, this way everyone can join in. Not only is it delicious, but it gives  continue reading

Dec 17

Zócalo Group Recommends Colleen’s Holly Wreath Cookies

Zócalo Group Recommends Colleen’s Holly Wreath Cookies

By Colleen Stauffer I’ve been nicknamed ‘Modern Martha’ over the years due to my unique cooking and baking recipes, but every Christmas I bring it back to the classics with these Holly Wreath Cookies. These are a fun and easy recipe that my mom, sisters and I make each year. I recommend them because they  continue reading

Dec 16

Zócalo Group Recommends Joe’s Manhattan

Zócalo Group Recommends Joe’s Manhattan

By Joe Colacurcio With its warming combination of whiskey and vermouth, and bold essence of Angostura bitters, this classic Manhattan is the perfect Holiday libation to enjoy while admiring the warmth of the hearth and company of your favorite friends and family. Ingredients 2 oz rye whiskey 1 oz sweet vermouth 2 dashes of Angostura  continue reading

Dec 15

Zócalo Group Recommends Jeff’s Peanut Butter Balls (NOT Buckeyes!)

Zócalo Group Recommends Jeff’s Peanut Butter Balls (NOT Buckeyes!)

  What would the holidays be without cookies and cocktails? We all have our family favorites and look forward to them every year. So we asked the whole Zócalo team to give the gift of mmmmm by sharing their tasty holiday treasures. They did not disappoint. Starting today, we’ll be sharing our top 12 recommendations  continue reading

Dec 12

Why Facebook and Twitter Search Updates Matter


By Felicia Chen   What are the search updates? Facebook heard our feedback and recently updated Facebook Search. Now we can do quick searches, but only on things we’ve seen before. You can only search for your posts, your friends’ posts and, depending on privacy settings, others’ old posts. Keywords are very important and the search  continue reading

Dec 02

Don’t Be Naïve about Native

Don’t Be Naïve about Native

By Hayley Gregory   Native advertising has become quite a buzz-worthy phrase these days, both within the marketing industry and outside, popping up on newsfeeds and in everyday discussions. A recent White Paper, co-written by Zócalo Group’s Emily Bader and shared at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit last month, delves into what native advertising  continue reading

Dec 01

Cyber Monday Morning Analysis

keyboard coffee

By Margaret Aprison   Want to see which brands are winning the Cyber Monday conversation? Curious how consumers are feeling about the “holiday?” Look no further than Zócalo Group’s Cyber Monday morning analysis. What are consumers discussing? When looking at overall Cyber Monday conversation, most consumers and brands are discussing sales and deals. However, consumers continue  continue reading

Nov 18

New Study Shows Word of Mouth Accounts for $6 Trillion in Annual Consumer Spending


By Alexandra Baird   Here at Zócalo Group, we’ve always believed in the power of the recommendation. We know from our firsthand experience as consumers, as well as from our work with clients over the years, that a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend, family member or expert is way more powerful than an advertisement.  continue reading

Oct 30

13.1 Ways to Make an Offline Event Social


By Marissa Yennie   A recent Wall Street Journal article proclaimed: The Half-Marathon Achieves Its Personal Best, reporting that this 13.1 mile race continues to grow in popularity. Nearly two million people are participating in this running event annually – so how can brands engage people online for this offline event? This running distance is  continue reading