Apr 20

Facebook’s New ‘On This Day’ Is Not For Everyone

facebook-on-this-day-540-150 v2

By Ryan Choyeski If you haven’t noticed by now, Facebook recently launched a new app/feature which highlights events, photos, posts and engagements with family friends  “on this day” in any given year dating back to when you joined Facebook. This is clearly an attempt to compete with the popular third-party app, Timehop, where millions of  continue reading

Apr 17

Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut: Tips For Social Media Community Management


By Hayley Gregory Community managers are those of us in the industry who manages social media brand channels, including Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Pinterest pages and more.  Management typically consists of posting content, responding to comments and managing everything in between. As this role requires a multi-faceted level of responsibility, it is easy to get  continue reading

Apr 15

Millennial Moms, Beauty, and Social Media: What Brands Need To Know


By Margaret Aprison Millennial moms are unique. They do not want to be told what to do, yet they value the opinion of reviews and their friends, and want to remain responsible for raising their family, living their life, and experiencing the world. Parents Magazine recently released a study of 1,500 millennial moms and their  continue reading

Apr 06

Will The New App Whipclip Replace The Silent GIF?


By Ryan Choyeski Move over GIFs, there is a new sharable clip in town. ♫ ♫ When a trending show is on, you must Whipclip. When you have to share with friends, you must Whipclip. ♫ ♫ Just in time for the #BieberRoast, Whipclip made its biggest public debut in collaboration with Comedy Central and last Monday night’s  continue reading

Apr 03

The Perfect Recipe for Blogging Success Told by Key Influencers

keyboard coffee

By Giliann Chaikin Over the past four years at Zócalo Group, I’ve had the pleasure of building relationships with online influencers and bloggers in a range of categories. Since I have a passion for the food category, it’s only fitting that my favorite group of bloggers fall into the baking and cooking realm. These bloggers  continue reading

Apr 01

1 + 1 = 3 (Or, the magical math of creativity)


By Pat McCarthy Ideas hold a few universal and necessary elements. It doesn’t matter whether you’re discussing a global marketing campaign or a new way to build a birdhouse. Understanding these elements will help you dissect the mystery behind ideas and ultimately become better at developing them.   Context: It’s like a __________ for ____________.  continue reading

Mar 31

Congratulations on your wedding – don’t forget to whiten those teeth!

Congratulations on your wedding – don’t forget to whiten those teeth!

By Christina Elizabeth Rodríguez In a brainstorm we had last year, we pulled out the bubbly and toasted to two individuals who were on their way down the aisle in 2015. We went around the table and offered them words of wisdom and advice for their long lives with their significant others. By the way,  continue reading

Mar 30

Bazaarvoice Inspire: How User Generated Content Drives Business Results


By Jeff Woelker Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend Bazaarvoice’s Inspire Chicago event focusing on online word of mouth and the impact it can have on your business results In case you are unfamiliar with Bazaarvoice, they are one of the industries largest technology providers when it comes to ratings, reviews, and increasingly word of mouth  continue reading

Mar 27

Will the Rise of Facebook Video Impact YouTube?


By Hayley Gregory Facebook has been trying to claim video views for a while now, adapting its algorithms more and more to make native videos more easily viewable within the platform than those linking to an outside source. With more than 65 percent of online video views being watched on mobile, this seamlessness becomes more and  continue reading

Mar 26

Did you really just say that? How consumers are sharing more than ever before and what your brand can learn.


By Margaret Aprison As an analyst, I commonly read through hundreds of consumer comments, tweets, and posts on a daily bases. One trend I’ve noticed is that consumers are becoming more comfortable than ever before with sharing intimate details whether they relate or not to the brand’s product. This willingness to share has been well  continue reading