Jul 22

Bazaarvoice Inspire: 3 social takeaways you can use today

woman shopping and choosing goods at supermarket

By Jeff Woelker I recently attended a Bazaarvoice Inspire event here in Chicago, which was attended by some of the most socially forward brands in the country. Most people are familiar with the Bazaarvoice name and product, but just in case, Bazaarvoice is a company focused on driving a brands online word-of-mouth through their technology  continue reading

Jul 17

Can Brands use Crowdfunding to Take Marketing to the Next Level?


By Eric Sevick As an avid video game and crowdfunding fan, there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing the successful combination of the two, but it’s especially gratifying when game developers innovate new ways to provide a great experience for its players. That’s why Valve’s tournament The International 4 for its game DotA 2 stands  continue reading

Jul 14

Twitter builds a home for the Beautiful Game


by Christina E. Rodríguez I can’t even tell you how excited I was before the World Cup started. The once-every-four-year event is an exciting one for me, where countries unite, passion seeps from pores and ecstatic soccer fans quite literally bleed their country’s colors. Wave that flag! Since 1930, the world-renowned tournament has captured the  continue reading

Jul 10

Make Content Marketing Scalable and Sustainable with Skyword

skyword banner

By Erin Burg Content can be a brand’s greatest business and marketing asset. Zocalo Group’s approach to content is designed to help brands achieve optimal performance and success by identifying real-time opportunities and amplifying content as appropriate, ultimately driving recommendations. I recently had a chance to connect with Rob Murray, search industry thought leader and  continue reading

Jul 07

Google Wants You to Distribute More Relevant Press Releases


By Paul M. Rand Marketers and communicators seem to be asking the same question after Google once again updated its Panda algorithm: “will this affect how many people see my press releases?” The simple answer is that it determines how good of a communicator you are. Panda was first released in February 2011 with the  continue reading

Jul 02

The Rise of the Visual Web: How Marketers Must Approach Digital & Native Advertising

visual web

By Stephanie Dewhurst I recently attended the Visual Marketing Summit, held here in Chicago at The Wit Hotel (fancy!).  The event focused on “The Rise of the Visual Web” and how this is the new standard for websites. This “Visual Web” changes the way advertisers and marketers must approach digital and native advertising. The key  continue reading

Jun 30

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

Content Sharing Trends: Twitter Makes a Comeback, Reddit Growing

By Melanie Caldera Many of us enjoy sharing content on social networks, and of course there are people who share more than others. New stats give us some insight on who’s sharing on social networks and how they’re doing it. According to the latest Consumer Sharing Trends Report, Twitter is one among the many social channels that has the highest growth  continue reading

Jun 27

Six Smart Resume Tips for the Social Savvy Grad

keyboard coffee

By Jaclyn Bednar   School’s out for summer. Except if you’re a new grad, you have a strenuous summer job – starting your career. The first step to snagging that elusive “foot in the door” is cultivating an impressive resume.   Here are some smart tips and tricks for fresh university graduates:   1. Scour  continue reading

Jun 25

Right Place, Right Time: Earshot Uses Location Data for Real-Time Social Engagement


By Stephanie Dewhurst   As part of Zocalo Group’s Leadership Series, I recently talked with Earshot’s David Rush. Earshot uses user-provided location information to help brands engage with consumers at the right place and right time. Check out this short video interview to learn more about Earshot and the social media trends they see on the  continue reading

Jun 24

Yes, You Need a Company Page on LinkedIn (And 3 Tips to Get You Started)


This is a guest post from SocialMonsters.   By Susan Finch More than three million companies across 148 different industries currently have their own company page on LinkedIn, the social network reports. If you’re at the helm of a business and you don’t have a LinkedIn company page—or if you aren’t tending to the one  continue reading