May 21

In 2015, Email is the New Social


By Jeff Woelker Over the last six months, something a little surprising has happened across the social landscape. Email has come back into fashion, but for some interesting and unexpected reasons. Rented Land With the changes in Facebook’s algorithm and the increasing propensity of social channels to have to monetize their platforms, marketers have quickly  continue reading

May 19

What We’re Regramming: A Look at Zócalo’s Favorite Instagram Accounts


By Margaret Aprison With Instagram poised to top 100 million US users by 2018 , it’s fun to ask agency peeps what Instagram accounts make them want to like, comment, and share. Dogs On Tap: Most Zokes are fans of dogs… and beer. Needless to say, when we heard there was an account that combined the  continue reading

May 18

Which NHL Team Takes the Social Cup?


By Ryan Choyeski In less than one month, one team will rise to the top as the NHL Stanley Cup Champions. So, while only one team can win the cup, which of the four remaining teams in the NHL playoffs is the winner of the social cup?   First, the teams:  In the Western Conference Finals,  continue reading

May 14

5 Tips for Marketing to Millennials


By Hayley Gregory People often characterize the millennial generation as self-centered and absorbed in technology. However, this point of view is most likely the timeless cycle of each generation not understanding their successors. Many brands are realizing that turning their lenses towards the millennial generation, rather than away, can be beneficial. Goldman-Sachs recently identified a list  continue reading

May 13

Social Media Masters Summit Key Takeaways


By Hannah Steelman Last week’s Social Media Masters Summit put on by Digital Megaphone had the best and the brightest marketers discuss the role of social for their brand. While each case study addressed unique social media best practices, every speaker touched on a few key themes. Walking away from the summit I found the  continue reading

Apr 30

5 Tips For Writing Listicles That Can’t Be Missed


By Pat McCarthy Lis · ti · cle ­­– n. – A blog post on the internet presented as a numbered or bullet-pointed list. Start with a simple, digestible statement. It could be an observation, a thought, a quote, definition, etc., but it’s always helpful to follow with a couple of sentences that elaborate on  continue reading

Apr 29

Facebook Becomes Even More Social with New Video Calling Capability


By Hayley Gregory As consumer behavior on mobile applications continues to evolve, we see social media platforms continue to expand their mobile capabilities.  Most recently, Facebook announced this week that users can now use Facebook Messenger to video call their friends and family for free.   What is it?   Many smart phones already allow  continue reading

Apr 27

Seeing What Sticks with Nissan’s World’s Cleanest Car

Seeing What Sticks with Nissan’s World’s Cleanest Car

What do you get when you combine the world’s best-selling zero emission vehicle with innovative paint technology that repels almost any liquid that comes its way? A very special Nissan LEAF electric vehicle that can be called the “world’s cleanest car.” To help extend the conversation and awareness for Nissan’s leadership in innovation, the team  continue reading

Apr 23

The Perks of Being a Twitter Veteran

facebook brand marketing

By Christina Elizabeth Rodríguez I joined Twitter back in 2009. I thought I was late to the party but after seeing how many people had yet to jump on the bandwagon, I didn’t feel so bad. I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but I’m kind of a Twitter veteran. Don’t worry; I  continue reading

Apr 20

Facebook’s New ‘On This Day’ Is Not For Everyone

facebook-on-this-day-540-150 v2

By Ryan Choyeski If you haven’t noticed by now, Facebook recently launched a new app/feature which highlights events, photos, posts and engagements with family friends  “on this day” in any given year dating back to when you joined Facebook. This is clearly an attempt to compete with the popular third-party app, Timehop, where millions of  continue reading