Mar 31

Search and Social Together: How Cross Channel Marketing Gives Better Returns


By Jeff Woelker   Cross channel marketing is not a new concept. Since the early days of advertising, marketers have been trying to tie one channel to the other and make sure everything is in alignment and synchronized. Even today, with specialization, fragmentation, technology limitations or integrations, cross channel marketing can sometimes be difficult. As  continue reading

Mar 28

Cultural Speak: Considerations when Talking “Hispanic/Latino”


by Christina Elizabeth Rodriguez   The Latino market has been exponentially growing the past 20 years. Since the last census in 2010, we saw a few key factors when it came to Latinos that have impacted the way advertisers and marketers are looking at such a demographic. For instance, we found out that there are  continue reading

Mar 24

Join Paul M. Rand for Webinar: Transform Your Business to Be the Most Highly Recommended Brand in Your Category

Join Paul M. Rand for Webinar: Transform Your Business to Be the Most Highly Recommended Brand in Your Category

By Alexandra Baird   Now that we’ve reached the end of the beginning of social media, many brands are thinking about how to effectively leverage social channels to engage their customers. Companies that understand how they can actively monitor, manage, and shape how their brand is regarded are experiencing a positive shift in both recognition  continue reading

Mar 19

Skyword on Storytelling in Content Marketing


  We recently hosted a Leadership Series about the art of multi-channel storytelling, featuring speakers from Twitter, StoryCorps, Tongal,  as well as our own CEO Paul M. Rand. I sat down with John Shea of Skyword to talk about how brands can tell compelling stories online. Skyword offers marketers tools to reach and engage audiences with quality,  continue reading

Mar 17

Tools to Watch: Crowdsource, InPowered & Slyce

tools to watch

This is part of a series of columns designed to keep you informed about the latest social media tools and platforms to keep an eye on. Stay tuned for more!   CrowdSource: Managed Crowdsourcing of Big Projects   What it is Crowdsource is a content platform and services company that produces unique, quality content at  continue reading

Mar 14

SXSW 2014 Interactive: 5 Tech Trends and What You Can Do


By Jeff Woelker   Here are 5 top tech trends I observed at SXSW this year.   1. Wearable Tech: More than just Fitbit This year, wearable tech was the biggest player as everyone is getting into this space. From Google Glass, to Samsung Watches, to Pristine telehealth, to even Epson getting into the space with  continue reading

Mar 11

2014 SXSW Interactive: Vast City of Lounges, Charging Stations, and Marketing Dreams


By Josh Hammond Most marketers today think they know the score when it comes to SXSW. They are generally aware that every March, Austin, TX blooms into a busy, crowded, frenetic sea of tattooed hipsters, hackers, and makers – all over-indexing on Google Glass, mobile devices, ironic clothing, and…strong opinions about all things tech and  continue reading

Mar 10

The Wearable Mouse

wearable tech

By Stephen Strong One of the major trends at SXSW this year is wearable technology. There are over 60 conference sessions covering the topic alone. Smart hats, smart shirts, smart shoes.  In the near future, your wardrobe will not only need to match in color but also by Wi-Fi connections. The topic of gesture mechanics  continue reading

Mar 07

Go Local or Go Home: Keep an Eye Out For Localization at SXSW 2014. Next Year It’s Going to be Huge

Go Local or Go Home: Keep an Eye Out For Localization at SXSW 2014.  Next Year It’s Going to be Huge

By Paul M. Rand More than 30,000+ digital and social brethren – including more than 30 Ketchum and Zócalo Group colleagues – will descend on Austin for SXSW Interactive 2014. As I look at the ever-expanding collection of speakers, panels, events and parties, I don’t get the sense there will be any breakout “2014 SXSW  continue reading

Mar 03

Facebook Announces Ad Campaign Restructure

facebook for business

by Mara Schneider   Showing a long-term commitment to support their paid native advertising model, Facebook has announced a restructure that affects all ad interfaces both within its ad tools and also including PMDs and FBX.  In an effort to keep you informed on major changes in the paid social environment, see below for the  continue reading