Aug 27

Defense Against Myth Propagation in Today’s Digital World


By Susan Parsons Literary legend Jonathan Swift wrote “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it” way back in 1710. It was 162 years before the first modern analog computer would be invented, twenty-five decades before the invention of the internet and 95,995 days prior to when the very first mobile phone call was  continue reading

Aug 24

Eight Second Attention Spans Lead to Social Short Videos


By Brittni Ainsworth In today’s social world, it becomes extremely difficult to capture your audience’s attention with the most engaging content. In addition, marketers have to figure out how best to serve content whether that’s photos, videos, gifs or text. Facebook tells us that photos and videos are the top engaging content, but how much time  continue reading

Aug 19

Three Things that Should Remain 140 Characters or Less

keyboard coffee

By Pat McCarthy Twitter recently decided direct messages could be quite a bit longer than 140 characters. 10,000 characters to be exact. For perspective, that’s about six and a half pages of double-spaced Times New Roman. Six. And a half. Pages. That’s college-essay territory.   Twitter explained on their blog that the change made “the  continue reading

Aug 12

Charity Marketing—Everyone Wins


By Anthony R. Williams I’ve had the chance to work on big brands and small. Work on fast food and dog food. Internet, phone and videogames. But of all the projects, the ones that were the most exciting, earned the most awards and put good energy out into the world was work for a charity.   Some  continue reading

Aug 06

Instagram Opens its Doors to Advertisers


By Hayley Gregory Instagram recently announced its launch of an Ads API (application programming interface). Joining the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google, the app will now provide a way to automate and optimize advertising via the API. This means advertising on the channel will now be more streamlined and cost effective.   How it works  continue reading

Aug 03

The Use of Social Influencers in Marketing


By Christina E. Rodríguez Social influencers are typically incorporated into marketing strategies to enhance activations set in place for a particular time period.  To build relationships with influencers, for involvement in future activations, we’ve found it helpful here at Zócalo to follow them and engage on an ongoing basis. From commenting on a post to  continue reading

Jul 29

Three Ways to Un-think Your Content Creation Process


By Jeff Woelker If you work in any industry long enough, it can become easy to fall into a rut and become complacent with the process and methodology you are using. Every so often, you need to shake things up and try something new. Whether it’s a new meeting space, a new set of tools,  continue reading

Jul 27

How Nissan Took Social Fans on the Ride of Their Life

How Nissan Took Social Fans on the Ride of Their Life

By Kellye Lopez Following a successful first run of the popular “Ride of Your Life” Altima marketing campaign, Nissan wanted to bring back the fun for a second year. In the TV spot, mall patrons were given a chance to “unlock” the Nissan Altima from a glass vault for a surprise driving experience. Those lucky  continue reading

Jul 23

Four Ways to Make Assets Your Asset


By Susan Parsons As digital marketing budgets begin to rise and more dollars are being dedicated to content, one major question on marketers minds is where to and how to smartly invest those dollars. We live in a world that thrives on 140 characters (or less…), where Facebook users can tailor what they see in  continue reading

Jul 22

Facebook Offers New Way to Prioritize News Feed


By Brittni Ainsworth Facebook can get boring when the content you are seeking is not the first posts you see. Wouldn’t your Facebook world be so much better if you could choose who and what you want to see? Well now you can! Facebook is adding four new preference options to help make fans’ News Feed more  continue reading