Jan 15

Zócalo Group Named as #2 on Top 50 Employers for Gen Y Emerging Talent in Chicago

Zocalo Group Culture

Today Zócalo Group was announced #2 on Brill Street + Company’s list of Top 50 Employers for Gen Y Emerging Talent in Chicago. Was it the collaborative working style, the innovative and passionate employees, the challenging and cutting-edge work we do for our clients, or the fact we’re on Facebook and Twitter all day for our jobs that earned us this ranking?  As a Gen Y-er who has been with Zócalo Group for 2 years, I can confirm firsthand that it was a combination of all these factors plus more that attributed to our success in securing this placement.


Since 2009, Brill Street has been ranking the top employers for Gen Y emerging talent in Chicago, recognizing employers where Gen Y thrives. The Brill Street team visited the Zócalo Group office on November 26, 2012 and met with our CEO and President Paul M. Rand, leadership and a handful of Gen Y employees. We shared our experiences, our accomplishments, and the reasons we came to  Zócalo Group (and why we decide to stick around).  Their office visit, coupled with our responses to the award criteria, pushed us to the top of the list.


Brill Street describes Gen Y employees as talented, purpose-driven, social, mobile, tech-savvy and anxious to grow their careers. With over 50% of  Zócalo considered Generation Y (between 18 and 29 years old), these attributes are not only evident in our culture, but the way we approach work and change. We’re really relying on Gen Y-ers to bring new perspective, challenge new ideas and social media tools, and continue to grow and mold the “Zocalo Way.”


Rand adds: “I think that building an organization that is not only adaptive to change but expects change, and embraces change, and celebrates change, helps attract people that are going to say ‘I really love that.’”


Godbey, Christine

- Christine Godbey is a human resources specialist at Zócalo Group. Follow Christine on Twitter at @xtine020.