Feb 11

Five Things You Should Know About Vine


I Vine, do you? Twitter recently released a new video-sharing app that allows you to take short videos and share them with your social audience. Vine is still in the early stages, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to get your hands on it and give it a whirl.


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Here are the top five things I learned about Vine:

1.     Just Six Seconds  Vine is a video-sharing app which allows you to take 6-second, looping videos and share them in real time via Twitter and Facebook. Vine feels a lot like Instagram, but for video content rather than images. It’s great for stop-motion animation and allows you to make a series of short videos. It’s an impressive new tool for storytelling.

 2.     Twitter is Vine’s Parent – You heard that correctly, Vine is owned by Twitter, but you won’t find much push from Twitter about it. While we’ve seen video sharing services before, none have been backed by Twitter, so this could be Vine’s big difference.

 3.     It’s Simple – Making videos in Vine is so easy, anyone can do it. All you have to do is sign up using your Twitter account, tap the video camera button and follow the directions. It’s as easy as point and shoot (better yet, point and tap). Once you’ve taken your video, tap next and upload your content. Share it out and watch the smiley faces roll in! One thing to note is that when viewing videos using a website or social media, the sound is automatically disabled. If you view any videos directly on the Vine app, you’ll be able to hear the sounds that are associated with each video.

 4.     Vine Already Hit Major News Markets – In one of its most shining moments so far, Vine was used to capture a short video of a dolphin stuck in the waters near one of New York City’s harbors by NBC’s New York City news affiliates.

 5.     Some Brands are Early Vine Masters – There are already some early adopters using Vine, and so far they seem to get it. Dove tells a good story with some of their new shower gels used as bowling pins and a bar of Dove soap as the ball. Gap has also jumped on the bandwagon, showcasing their 1969 denim line. Calvin Klein also employed it for a Big Game blackout tweet.


Currently Vine is only being offered for iOS, but I don’t doubt Android will be too far behind. Have you joined Vine yet? Share your videos with us and tell us your six-second story!



Brittni Ainsworth is an Assistant Account Executive at Zócalo Group. Follow Brittni on Twitter at @brittniAINSZócalo Group is an award-winning word-of-mouth, social and digital marketing agency focused on one thing: To help our clients become the most talked about, recommended and chosen brands in their category.