Mar 06

The Future of Television: How social media and television are colliding

The Future of Television: How social media and television are colliding

Part One: Socializing Advertising – Next week, we’ll delve into how social media is creating a “second screen” experience for TV viewers.

 “Join us on Facebook…”  “Find us on YouTube at…”  “Watch what happens at…”

With these subtle additions to the end of TV commercials, traditional TV advertisers are beginning to extend the reach of their ads to the social media space.  One only needed to watch a few of this year’s Super Bowl commercials to see that brands really are merging the traditional advertising and social media experiences.  Big brands like Bud Light (#MakeItPlatinum), Audi (#SoLongVampires) and H&M (#BeckhamforHM) all made sure to plug their Twitter hashtags throughout their advertising spots during the game.  Coca-Cola even built an entire online experience to interact with their iconic polar bears – obviously promoted by their ad buys that took place through their Facebook page.

When we’re talking about socializing advertising, we mean this: how is the traditional advertising experience sustained with the addition of social media?  With the incorporation of social media into advertising, the results can only lead to a further engagement with your consumer.  Why just leave the ad spot to 30 seconds?  Continue that experience online or on a mobile phone to really create a brand advocate.

We’re constantly talking about the intersection of paid, earned and owned media.  In Forrester’s “Traditional Paid Media Must Fuel Earned Media Efforts,” on integration of paid and earned media, Tracy Stokes points out:

[marketers should] offer consumers value to drive engagement. Use earned media to have a rich conversation with consumers by ensuring there is something in it for them, whether it is a personal reward or shareable content.

HGTV really took this to heart – recruiting its Facebook fans to actually “appear” in their ads.  Viewers who wrote on their Facebook Wall had the potential to be incorporated into actual TV commercials which aired during HGTV programming.  Who doesn’t love David Bromstad and 30 seconds of fame?

As we continue to watch how television and social media will evolve and converge, it’s imperative to never forget the overarching effects social media is having on the marketing landscape. The majority of examples so far have been mostly for appearance sake of “looking social.” And that has merit! But the key will be learning how to have holistic, consistent push from beginning of a program or product launch to create sustained conversations across mediums.

How do you see advertising continuing to integrate social media? Any great examples?