Mar 09

Social Media Hit or Miss: SXSW Edition

Social Media Hit or Miss: SXSW Edition

Social Media SmackDown

Here’s our take on which brands have made an impact, for better and for worse, across the social media sphere this week. Brands are chosen based on compelling recommendations, best practices and overall reach and impact. Here’s the first weekly edition, SXSW style.

Bottoms up! SXSW Party Time Simplee, startup that makes medical bills simpler, wins this round for jumping into the oversaturated SXSW conversation with #SXSWHelp
When pinged on Twitter, a medical street team comes to the #SXSW attendee’s rescue with:

  • FREE food (why wait in long lines?)
  • FREE water & energy drinks (stay hydrated and awake!)
  • FREE medicine (relief for enjoying a few too many drinks)

#BrandHit Learning:
The reason so many brands want to get involved with amazing events like SXSW are because they draw the big guns of influencers, and the to-be big people.
But to cut through clutter, find a relevant, albeit not literal way, to address a need of that moment. 
Clearly it’s working for Simplee, because those people are already doing a lot of positive talking! Congrats!

Ignore the Guy, Get a War CrySXSW attendees, don’t try Jonathan Corbett’s tips this week as you carry all your electronic devices to Texas.However, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) should! The blogger’s claims about inaccuracies of the airport body scanners were only met with a blog post calling him “some guy” and a “crude attempt”.The TSA should create a video addressing some of the called-out issues, even bringing in Jonathan himself.
#BrandMiss Learning

It’s hard to predict when a negative video will go viral, but when it does, be sure to confront it on the channel it originated, before it goes more viral on other channels. 

Confronting and educating a determined detractor could quiet him, or even turn him into an advocate, and if not will showcase to others that the brand is listening and acting on what they’re hearing.