Mar 30

Social Media Hit Or Miss: The Beverage Edition

Social Media Hit Or Miss: The Beverage Edition

Here’s our take on which brands have made an impact, for better and for worse, across the social media sphere this week. Brands are chosen based on compelling recommendations, best practices and overall reach and impact.

Starbucks Perks At Social Engagement

The coffee giant Starbucks is a well-known brand, but this week it’s received another honor: being named the most socially engaged. The research firm PhaseOne, responsible for the findings, set out to determine what drives social media engagement across paid and earned media. Their review included 75 top brands and an analysis of engagement from the top 20 brands.

#BrandHit Learnings:

  • Individual Experience: Starbucks’ messaging focuses on the individual and his or her specific experience with the brand. This allows consumers to more directly relate and share their own stories, and connect on a more intimate level.
  • Consistency: Messaging is consistent across all of their touch points – Facebook, advertising, and websites, among others. By preserving the same message along all channels, there is one, uniform Starbucks voice.
  • Focusing on the ‘Public Self’: Part of PhaseOne’s findings revealed that customers engage with a brand in social media based on how people themselves want to be perceived – further tapping into what people want.
Some Things Don’t Always Go Down Smooth

On the flip side, another popular brand on the beverage front didn’t have such a great week. Belvedere Vodka posted a controversial adon its Facebook page – that of a woman with a terrified look while a man was grabbing her. The tag line underneath read “Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly.” Although the ad was quickly removed, the comments flowed. And, while the brand issued several apologies, the damage had been done – leaving a lasting imprint that will be hard to forget.

#BrandMiss Learnings:

  • Glorifying the Taboo: While social media is the perfect space for brands to adopt a more casual voice, making light of a violent act only detracts people from engaging as opposed to encouraging people to share and recommend your brand.
  • Sincerity Go A Long Way: Even though Belvedere was quick to recognize their ad wasn’t such a hit, their initial apology may have seemed insincere by coming too quickly and too short. They later issued another apology and made a donation to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network). However, if they had offered a more sincere apology in the beginning, it may have minimized the criticisms they received for their shorter, more abrupt apology.
  • Acknowledge Your Mistake: Mistakes are bound to happen. However, what’s most important is recognizing where you went wrong. When Belvedere issued their first apology on Twitter, the backlash continued because people couldn’t believe they weren’t addressing the offensiveness of the ad – which was not the same as an issue of responsible drinking.