May 02

Making Music Social: An Interview with Soul Bounce


[yframe url=’’]We sat down with Kimberly Hines, the founder and editor of soul and R&B music blog SoulBounce, to talk about her journey as a blogger, how artists can get coverage, and what sparks engagement on her blog.

For artists looking for exposure, Kimberly says, “We love to see when an artist drops a free mixtape or single. Of course, we are the people who buy music, but we also don’t mind getting a little freebie every now and then. It gives people a way to sample an artist they may not have heard before.”

In addition to new music, Kimberly mentioned how readers have really come to SoulBounce when big music news hits, for example, the recent death of Whitney Houston. “People just want to talk. They come to places like Soul Bounce and pour it all out in the comments section.”

She also discusses how SoulBounce uses Twitter and Facebook to engage with readers, and how Tumblr has become an important platform for her audience. Check out the video for the full interview.