May 23

Follow-Up: NATO by the Numbers

Follow-Up: NATO by the Numbers

If you had the opportunity to be in Chicago this weekend, you know it was all NATO, all the time – news coverage, blog coverage – this meeting of world leaders in our lovely city was tracked moment by moment by the general public and news media.

Since our post last week about NATO trends, we’ve compiled NATO conversation from May 11th through May 22nd.  Take a look:

CONVERSATION: We tracked various hashtags like #NATO, #noNATO, #Chicago2012 and keywords like NATO and Chicago, NATO Summit, etc.  A total of over 424,000 mentions of the NATO Summit were posted to various social media platforms.  Twitter was the platform of the weekend with almost 370,000 tweets about the Summit.  Facebook was a distant second with over 23,000 posts.

TIMING: No surprise – the use of NATO keywords spiked during the height of the Summit and protest activity on May 20th and 21st.  News media, protesters and spectators were all watching events as they progressed over the weekend.

KEYWORDS: Host city Chicago was mentioned the most within NATO online conversation, followed by popular hashtags #NATO and #noNATO.

All images courtesy of Radian6 monitoring platform.


With the addition of social media and in-the-moment reporting, the general public was able to know when and where specific events were taking place this weekend and respond with their own thoughts online.  Social media played a big part in how the NATO Summit was received beyond just viewing the nightly news.  How will social media continue to change live events and political activism?  Any predictions?