Mar 01

Facebook Timeline for Brands: Five New Opportunities

Facebook Timeline for Brands: Five New Opportunities

Today, Facebook held its first-ever event specifically for marketers, fMC.  They described numerous platform changes that affect the look, feel, and functionality of Brand Pages.

If you missed it, check out this overview about the full list of Facebook changes. But here’s the short and sweet list of top 5 things marketers need to know about the new Facebook timeline for brands:

  1. Creative — The large cover photo, avatar, featured apps, pinned content and starred content provide a ton of visual options for brands to be expressive and capture users’ attention. Since brands will no longer be able to choose which tab they want to feature as the landing page (default is automatically the timeline), it’s important to use all of these elements to communicate a consistent, impactful presence. We think Wal-Mart’s Facebook Page is well done visually with unique cover photo, pinned content and populated timeline. And here are some additional cover photo ideas to inspire your creative side.
  2. Intentional, Engaging Content — As identified in December, fans look at the top wall posts immediately coming to a page and that will be even more prevalent with the Facebook timeline and the addition of pinned content. This necessitates  adding an extra lens to ensure every post has a compelling visual and call-to-action so that every potential new fan is immediately convinced to “LIKE”.
  3. Customer Service – Responding to users via private messaging allows brands to take the complaints and other consumer affairs issues off of the wall, creating less distraction for other users and providing simplified process of communication. This could provide the opportunity to give admin access to a customer service agent directly.
  4. Paid Advertising Everywhere — While fans might not always see the content you post currently, you can practically guarantee it now with ads that appear directly in their Newsfeed, including on mobile. Here’s an article explaining exactly what all the new ad units look like and where they are placed.
  5. Real-Time Analytics — Immediately knowing when a post resonates well on a page will allow brands to quickly promote their best content, whether directly into the paid advertising platform or even just pinned/starred.

If you haven’t already, the process is actually fairly simple to switch over to the new Timeline layout. In case you aren’t feeling pressured, Facebook has stated that all brand pages will be switched over by March 30th. Facebook has said that Timeslines for brands will also go live on mobile before the year is over as well.

How will these  affect the strategy of your brand page? Let us know if the comments below.