May 06

Square Smarts

Square Smarts

This week’s Square Smarts touches on that subject that cannot be ignored – the take down of Bin Laden in the context of social media. We also squeezed in some interesting tidbits about the latest and greatest when it comes to airline food, and some fun facts about how men share content online vs. how women share. Enjoy!

Bin Laden’s Death in Social Media Context

Social Media Timeline of Biggest Twitter Event in History -  Mashable has this story covered – Including everything from the record-breaking Twitter numbers to the specific traffic stats for news sites. Check out this article to get a view of how the story unfolded among all your favorite social media sites. Some of the fun facts included:

• 31% of people surveyed by Mashable found out about Bin Laden’s death on Twitter, while 20% found out on Facebook
• Twitter broke all-time records, hitting 12.4 million Tweets per hour
• Over 400,000 people “Liked” the “Osama Bin Laden Is Dead” Facebook page
• News sites received averages of over 4 million views per minute

Debate Flies Over “Citizen Journalist” Title – IT consultant @ReallyVirtual has been getting mass recognition for his live Tweets during the raid on Bin Laden. While Mashable refers to him as simply a “Twitter user” in this article, many others are defending him as a “citizen journalist“. Traditional journalists are in a tizzy over the discussion of such social media users having hefty titles, such as this guy from the San Francisco Weekly, who says that “Facebook and Twitter aren’t organs of journalism, rather simply organs of dissemination.” Weigh in on the debate! What do you think?

Airline Food Hits the Streets

From In-Flight to In-Truck -  Airlines are hoping to impact the public’s perception of airline food offerings by taking it to the streets. Certain airlines including Air France, Delta, and Southwest are trying various experiential marketing tactics including food trucks and pop-up lounges to create brand experiences. So far so good, as fabulous offerings from Air France stirred positive buzz on Twitter and Facebook. Enchante…

Women and Men Share Different Stuff

AOL and Nielson Get to the Bottom of the Sharing Debate -  This article from MediaPost explains that although women outnumber men online, men are more likely than women to share content they feel “important” and feel will be helpful to others. Conversely, women are more likely to share information pertaining to a common interest with other social media users. In other words, men like to position themselves as “experts” about information, whereas women share content to build a sense of “community.”…(Insert stereotypical gender-based joke here)…

Thanks for reading. Happy Friday!