Jul 29

Square Smarts

Square Smarts

This week, the Google+ vs. Facebook debate carries on as more information becomes available about how people are using the platforms…and don’t forget about Foursquare! Read on for the Smarts…

Google Plussed 20 Million in 21 Days

Google+ ComScore Report  - According to this report from ComScore, Google+ has successfully added more than 20 million users over the past few weeks and is speculated to be the fastest growing site in history. Some other interesting tidbits include that the United States leads the Google+ audience –  followed by India, and the majority of users are males aged 25-34.

Google+ Traffic Jam

Time Is Everything  - Although the site is growing immensely in terms of unique users, apparently the nuance of it all is getting old  as people are spending less time on the site than previous weeks. Experian reported that Total visits to Google+ declined about 3% to 1.79 million in the U.S. for the week ending July 23 compared to the previous seven days. But time will tell if the decline is a blip on the radar or a more telling sign of Google+ popularity.

Facebook Guide for Business

A New Guide Geared Towards Small Biz - Released at an interesting time when Google+ is removing any and all company profiles, Facebook has a created a guide geared towards small business to help enable their use of Facebook business pages. The guide is located at Facebook.com/business, and pitched as an “online education center” that gives directions on such things as how to set up a profile page, create targeted ads and deals, and interact with customer feedback online.

Foursquare Keeping in the Mix

Foursquare Partners with Groupon  - Foursquare will be partnering with Groupon to offer “Groupon Now” deals in addition to the regular deals of the day. Now when you check in to a location, you will know if a discount is available right then and there. What sets them apart from other deals? This allows you to redeem the deals on the spot.

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