Jul 08

Square Smarts

Square Smarts

This week’s Square Smarts deals with Facebook announcing its new video capabilities, while Foursquare is busy owning location. Read on for the Smarts…

Facebook Ups its Message Platform

Facebook Gets to Video-ing -  Facebook has partnered with Skype to offer additional capabilities to its Messages platform. Now, embedded in your messaging is the ability to send videos or attach files. And that’s not all folks – they have also updated the chat capabilities to allow for group chats. Check out the Facebook link to see how it all works, straight from the Facebook’s mouth.

Foursquare Reaches 500,000 Businesses

Foursquare Biz Development Dude Gives Advice -  Johnathon Crowley, Foursquare director of business development for media and entertainment, recently spoke at Bryant Park about the benefits of Foursquare over competing mediums such as Facebook and Twitter. Among Foursquare’s biggest cited benefits was location, with Crowley alluding to Foursquare’s small social graph as a big advantage for brands. Although many media partners request for people to be able to check-in to virtual locations like TV shows, Foursquare insists that’s not what they are about. “We’re really trying to own location,” says Crowley.

A Fabulous Facebook Infographic

Facebook Advertising Through the Years -  This infographic from Mashable outlines the long road to advertising on Facebook, all the way from its launch in 2004. An interesting evolution, considering business are estimated to spend roughly four billion dollars on advertising this year alone.

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