Jun 17

Square Smarts

Square Smarts

This week’s Square Smarts covers everything from Facebook ventures to Hashtag evolutions and Vancouver riots. Read on for the Smarts…

Facebook China Ventures

What China Holds for Facebook -  This article from AdAge gives a good snapshot of what Facebook in China might look like, citing that it remains unclear what motivates the Chinese to use social media. Among the biggest considerations of how Facebook would fare are scale and pace of China’s internet market, government protectionism and censorship, strong local competition, a late entrance, and a lack of market knowledge and consumer understanding.

Facebook is Taking Over

Living in a Facebook World  -  This cool infographic from TechCrunch details the growth of Facebook over the past two years. Despite government censorship struggles, the company has managed to expand even into countries like Syria and Iran. The question is…How long before we are seeing all blue?

Hashtags Go Mainstream

Hashtags Evolve into Everyday Life  -  This article from the New York Times details the evolution of the hashtag from just a Twitter search organization and search tool, to a part of everyday cultural shorthand. From using them in subject lines of e-mails, to text messages, hashtags are no longer only for the Twitter savvy. #AllTheCoolKidsAreDoingIt

A Kiss Beyond the Chaos

@KissingCouple Controversy Amid Vancouver Riots  –   Staged or not, this kissing couples pic amid the Vancouver riot chaos is sparking conversation all over the internet. The story ranges from a girl who hurt her ankle, to a guy who just likes media attention. Either way, pretty cool pic.

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