Mar 18

Bracket fever hits the internet

Bracket fever hits the internet

March Madness is here! And while that typically means filling out NCAA brackets office-wide, if you’re not a college basketball enthusiast, you don’t have to feel left out. Here’s our roundup of non-basketball brackets to help keep your March exciting.

Cats vs. Dogs
Jezebel focuses its bracket on a question that is sure to stir up some legendary rivalries. Go cats!
Jezebel Bracket

Worst Company in America

If one thing can get people riled up more than college basketball, it’s poor customer service. The Consumerist hosts this bracket.
Consumerist bracket
Smart Phone Madness
As the smartphone market heats up, who will be this year’s winner? It’s the battle of Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.

Beer Madness

Are there really any loser in this bracket?
Washington Post

Tax Code Tournament
Hey, tax pros deserve to have a little fun, too. Especially in March!