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  • word-of-mouth, social and digital that gets the whole town talking.

    Here at Zócalo Group, we help our clients become the most talked about, recommended and chosen brands in their category.

    And we have some BIG news to share.
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    What’s a Zócalo?

    In Mexico, a Zócalo (pronounced ZO-kahl-oh) translates to “town plaza” or “conversation square.” Now you know!

  • “Charlie bit my finger – again!”

    Uploaded in 2007, this viral video stars two English tots. The younger teeths on his older brother’s finger and achieves YouTube immortality with over 500m hits.

    “Make my logo bigger”

    This vid parodies the tendency of designers to make logos too small. A miracle cream eliminates the embarrassing need for clients to request their logo be made bigger.

    “You just lost the game”

    Inspired by The Game, a mind game created by Cambridge students with a simple premise: You play by thinking about The Game and the act of thinking about it makes you lose it.

    “Gangnam style”

    Posted in July 2012 and now at well over a billion views, this YouTube video became a viral sensation with instantly recognizable giddyup dance moves from K-pop star Psy.

    “Choosy programmers choose gifs”

    A riff on the famous 1970s Jif peanut butter commercial, this meme originates from Steve Wilhite, inventor of the GIF file format, on how to pronounce ‘gif’ correctly.

    “I can haz cheezburger?”

    A weblog starring lolcats created by Eric Nakagawa in 2007. At its height, the blog received as many as 1.5m hits per day and is noted for contributing lolspeak to pop culture.

    “Hey girl”

    This Ryan Gosling meme series began appearing in 2008, generated by his online following of appreciative female fans who love The Notebook.


    This 2012 meme shows a retro photo of a girl posing with three Goosebumps books. ‘Ermahgerd’ is a variation of OMG as if spoken through an orthodontic retainer.

    “Double Rainbow Guy”

    A camper in Yosemite gets maybe a little too emotional about rainbows. This 2010 video was unknown on YouTube until Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about it. Now at 36m hits.

    “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy”

    This 2012 meme gained fame after being posted to the social news site Reddit where users found the runner, Zeddie Little, to be super handsome.

    “Sarcastic Willy Wonka”

    This meme uses a still from the classic children’s movie as a jumping off point to make a withering putdown, usually calling someone out for their unimpressive behavior.

    “Leeroy Jenkins”

    WoW gamers discuss battle strategy. One member, Leeroy, is offline. Unaware of their plan, Leeroy returns, cries his name and charges headlong into battle. Everyone is killed.

    “I see what you did there”

    A common turn of phrase on the Internet, used as an expression of quiet, subdued admiration for one’s wit. Especially appropriate after a particularly clever pun.

    “Badger Badger Badger video”

    This 2003 cartoon stars badgers doing calisthenics, a toadstool, a snake and a memorably irritating theme song. Inspired numerous homages like this one.

    “Nyan Cat”

    This 8-bit cat flies through the air with the greatest of ease thanks to a Pop Tart body that emits rainbows. Countless remixes include a 10-hour continuous loop.

    Recommended Places We Go Nuts for Donuts

    1. Donut Plant in NYC
      1. Fave flav: Valrhona Chocolate
    2. SH Donuts in Austin, TX
      1. Fave flav: Cinnamon Roll
    3. Bob’s Coffee & Donuts in LA
      1. Fave flav: French Cruller
    4. Walton Donuts in Denver
      1. Fave flav: Glazed
    5. Do-Rite Donuts in Chicago
      1. Fave flav: Pistachio-Meyer Lemon
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  • Nissan Fans Send Their Love

    We asked Nissan’s fans to share their love socially on the brand’s display at the 2012 LA Auto Show.

    An Improv-tastic Road Trip

    We partnered with Nissan and a Second City troupe to bring Pathfinder fans 12 hours of improvised songs.

    The New Face of Dad

    We helped Philips Norelco find out what the changing face of being a dad means to a group of dad bloggers.


campaigns the town’s super proud of.

Nissan Pathfinder

The All-New 2013 Pathfinder Presents: An Improv-tastic Road Trip

We partnered with the world-famous improv troupe from Second City to kick-start the launch of the 2013 Pathfinder. This first-of-its-kind Facebook event pushed the boundaries of crowdsourcing by creating customizable music videos based on fan suggestions. In just 12 hours, a live band, 10 comedians and two directors helped us create more than 50 improvised, real-time music videos—all in celebration of the Pathfinder.

  • 75% of fans talked about or interacted with the Pathfinder page
  • 143,589 video views
  • 182 million total impressions
  • 4,772 handraisers for more information about the Pathfinder


Design My Valentine

Design My Valentine was a two-day event we partnered with Nestle to create, when Coffee-mate and hundreds of their coffee loving fans collaborated to create one-of-a-kind Valentines in real time. Using everything from paint and glitter to sugar and coffee filters, artists worked quickly to create Valentine masterpieces.

  • Fans submitted hundreds of love notes and the artists created nearly 90 one-of-a-kind Valentines.
  • Engagement levels spiked to record highs – a 2,332% increase; also we welcomed 3,700+ new Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
  • Compared to top creamer competitors, Coffee-mate maintained a leading average share of voice of 68.5% for two weeks.
See full case study


Norelco Shave Experts campaign

We helped Philips Norelco become the most talked about and recommended brand in the electric shaving and grooming category through an aggressive combination of paid, owned and earned media.

  • Engaged the most influential Dad bloggers during two key events, Father’s Day and Movember
  • Created an army of 600+ category experts to help evangelize Philips Norelco products
  • Generated over 35,000,000 social media impressions in just three months
  • Established the @ShaveExperts Twitter community and grew it to 11,500+ followers in less than three months


Battle IT

Three IT Pros were put to the test in a series of remote IT challenges for a chance to win $10,000. Battle IT was a reality-based competition created to help launch two new Dell devices that allow IT Pros to manage their company’s IT infrastructure from virtually anywhere. Over the course of three days, each challenge was recorded, edited and hosted online—all while letting viewers participate in live chats and Google Hangouts as well as vote for their favorite contestant, post questions and share opinions.

  • 6 minutes: average time on the Battle IT site (surpassing the industry average of 2:44 minutes)
  • 12.9% bounce rate (compared to a whopping industry average bounce rate of 50%)
  • 1,428 qualified sales leads (12% higher than the original goal of 1,250)
we've created success stories for top brands like this
it’s always nice to be recognized for who you are…

and awarded for what you do.

  • Named New Media Agency of the Year in 2009 by The Holmes Report
  • Nominated for Global Social/Digital Agency of the Year in 2011 and 2012 by The Holmes Report
  • 6 Silver Anvils
  • 2 Bronze Anvils
  • 3 SABRE Awards
  • Forrester Groundswell Award
  • PMA Gold Reggie Award
  • BMA Gold Tower Award for Best Social Media Campaign
  • PR News Platinum Award for Website Marketing
  • SNCR Award—Measurement Innovation for our Digital Footprint Index tool
  • SABRE Award—Product of the Year for our Recommendation Index tool

high praise from happy clients.

“Zócalo is one of our most engaged agencies. They do an incredible job with all of the requests we throw their way. Zócalo always keeps us informed of what’s happening in the industry, providing insight and adding in more that always makes programs just a little better.

We appreciate their effort and can-do attitude. We have some great opportunities ahead of us and we’re expecting Zócalo to play a key role in helping us execute and achieve.”

“We recently selected Zócalo as our social media partner after a lengthy agency search and have not looked back. On board for only three months, Zócalo has worked hard to understand our business and our audiences, both B2C and B2B, and to develop appropriate strategies for each.

Creative, bright and enthusiastic, they consistently bring forward ideas that resonate internally, relate to our goals and customers, and differentiate us in a competitive market. Very quickly, we’ve seen engagement, sharing and WOM increase among our targets.”

“Zócalo has been our agency partner since we first began engaging key audiences through social media. The Zócalo team understands influencers and how they can help to amplify brand and product messages as well as provide endorsement for our innovative products, like their award-winning work for Nissan LEAF.

Their ideas and their support of existing initiatives move our audiences to talk, share and ultimately engage. Zócalo gets social media and makes it work for us to drive positive word of mouth for Nissan. The team is quick, responsive, creative, results-oriented and fun.”


we believe in the awesome power of recommendations.

Social networks continue to send a loud and clear message to marketers: Consumers are king when it comes to choosing how they engage with each other, their family and friends, and the brands they buy. And when they buy, 92% say that the recommendation of a friend, family member, colleague or expert is the single most powerful influencer of their purchase decision.

How do we create recommendations?

We reach your customers by developing, managing and sustaining word-of-mouth, social and digital campaigns via an integrated approach to brand advocacy and recommendation.

We call this the Zócalo Way.

Most marketing campaigns build brand advocacy through paid and/or owned media channels. The Zócalo Way generates recommendations and drive sales by creating a presence for your brand across paid, owned and earned channels. This paid/owned/earned sweet spot works to heighten advocacy, spark engagement and increase interactions.

our fearless leaders.

Zócalo Group is Omnicom’s premiere WOM agency.

Our intrepid management team is well-known for innovating the WOM/social/digital marketing space. Their B2C and B2B expertise extends across a wide range of industries including Automotive, CPG, Entertainment, Food, Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Non-Profit, Technology and Telecom.

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    six steps on our path to recommendations.

    1 We know where and how your brand—and your competitors—are being talked about and recommended.
    2 We plan a comprehensive strategy across paid, owned and earned digital and social channels that articulate your brand’s story, including reasons why customers should recommend you. Then we channel plan so your campaign engages the right advocates and launches at the right time and place.
    3 We identify those influencers whose recommendations are known to sway the purchasing decisions of others.
    4 We activate engagement by creating compelling on- and offline experiences that encourage customers to interact with your brand in the way that’s most meaningful to them.
    5 We protect your brand by identifying and neutralizing the impact of negative voices and misinformation.
    6 We measure continuously to evaluate campaign success and ROI (and provide you with KPI summaries for WOM/social, marketing and business measurement), then evolve our approach to leverage any change in the consumer conversation.

    End of path = Success!

    Congrats, consumers have made you the most talked about, preferred and recommended brand out there.

    meet our resident experts.

    Everyone at Zócalo lives and breathes word-of-mouth, social and digital marketing. We leave no avenue unexplored when it comes to making sure your brand is the one customers recommend most.

    • the savvy strategist develops very deliberate solutions to specific needs, issues and sales targets, achieving measurable business impact and ROI.
    • the almighty analyst uncovers unique insights, conversation trends, consumer motivations and the reasons people recommend. Then she compares and contrasts her findings to improve each campaign’s effectiveness, ensuring the best possible measurement and ROI outcomes.
    • the crafty creative gets geeked out about conceptualizing unique on- and offline experiences that cut through the clutter and get people talking and sharing.
    • the connected conversationalist knows the lay of the social landscape. He effortlessly commands a range of blogs and online communities to tell your brand’s story and help shape the consumer conversation.
    • the ambidextrous account ace is highly skilled at tackling multiple challenges at once. She’s expert at anticipating her client’s needs and offers up solutions to solve any business dilemma.
    • the tenacious techie develops solutions that are scalable, stable and extensible. He partners with client teams to identify, utilize and test the right technologies so that every solution performs as promised.

    if we build it, they will recommend.

    Our approach to driving recommendations is rooted in fully integrated campaigns for general and Hispanic audiences. We’ll work with you to create a Shareable Story map that articulates the reasons why consumers should recommend you. We’ll identify the right marketing mix of paid, owned and earned channels to get your message out there. Then we’ll seamlessly plan, strategize and build out your campaign. Next we’ll write and design the eyecatching creative that gets customers talking and sharing. And we’ll systematically measure and evolve your campaign to make sure we achieve our #1 goal for your brand: Be recommended.

    small town feel, big time expertise.

    • Influencer Identification
    • Influencer Education
    • Sustainable Relationship Management
    • Voice Creation
    • Engagement Strategy
    • Brand Protection
    • Daily Moderation
    • Content Creation
    • Promotion Development & Execution
    • Event Development & Execution
    • Program Strategy
    • Social & Digital Channel Planning
    • Content Strategy
    • Sharable Story Mapping
    • Reputation Management
    • Digital & Social Advertising
    • Media Planning & Buying
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Media Measurement & Analytics
    • Conversation Analysis
    • Industry & Competitive Intelligence
    • Consumer Insights
    • Influencer Identification
    • Primary Research Panels & Surveys
    • Online & Offline Goal Setting
    • Social, Marketing & Business KPIs
    • Marketing Dashboards
    • Impact Reports
    • Regression Analysis & Social ROI
    • Digital & Social
    • Mobile & Emerging Media
    • Experiential Marketing
    • Branding
    • Art Direction
    • Copywriting
    • User Experience
    • Video Production
    • Print, too!
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Website Development
    • Social Applications
    • Mobile Experiences
    • User Experience & Usability
    • CRM & Email Marketing

    our good stuff generates great results.

    We’re leading the industry by providing our clients with access to a range of award-winning, proprietary marketing tools and intelligence including:

    • FanRally activates and engages your most passionate fans to show their love for your brand and encourage recommendations.
      Learn More
    • OnReview drives awareness, consideration and advocacy by cultivating recommendations across all relevant product review sites.
    • Find & Recommend makes your brand easy to spot and even easier to recommend by linking search and social channels.
    • BrandProtect neutralizes negative dialogue to uphold and protect your brand’s reputation.
    • ZócaloNet gives you the ability to house, track and monitor the progress of converting engaged influencers into brand advocates via a centralized CRM database.
      ZócaloNet Login
    • Recommendation Indexidentifies how consumers recommend a category—both positively and negatively—and which brands they recommend most.

    help wanted!

    And by help, we mean your smarts, drive and expertise. Also your talent, humor and enthusiasm.

    We’re growing, so we’re always welcoming new Zokes to town. Join our quirky crew of designers, writers, developers, strategists, analysts, community managers and account execs, then hang on tight as we transform and innovate the WOM/social/digital space for our impressive client list.

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